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I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately. Don’t worry, my family has been lending me their hard earned cash to do so because I am poor and when considering if I should get my oil changed or buy that hot little number from Urban, I decide having reliable transportation is always in style.

Back to shopping. I love going into stores when they have the mood music going. I’m a power shopper; I shuffle through the racks like a mad woman and then go back one more time for a detailed look and the music helps me out the whole live long day. Here are some songs I’ve heard throughout my shopping ventures this weekend.
– Don’t You Forget About Me, The Breakfast Club soundtrack
Right now I’m entirely too lazy to create another tab and look up the actual artist that sings this, but if there is one thing you can take away from this song it’s that it created the best atmosphere for the fist pump at the end of The Breakfast Club. A great 80s vibe that kind of makes me want to go back to high school (for a split second at least).
– Love Letter to Japan, The Bird and The Bee
I previously checked this song in a recent post and I heard it today at Forever XXI. I was pretty psyched about it and for a minute I tried on a Harajuku outfit only to be extremely disappointed with the end result. When I write the screenplay for Bergdorg Blondes I will be sure to note to the music director that this song has to be included in a fashion show or party scene. I am yours, I am yours for as long as you will have me…
– Paranoid, Kanye West ft. Mr. Hudson
I love me some Kan. And now with my new spiffy “I Am T-Pain” autotuner I can sound like him! This video features Rihanna so that makes it extra likable in my book. The real reason I love this song? I can booty pop to it all night long. Just imagine a club, some disco lights and me getting down. Plus Kanye is sassy: “You wanna check into the Heartbreak Hotel but sorry we’re closed.” Snap!
Okay, I also am including a little section to this post called “My Most Played.” I got on iTunes and here are the songs that have the most plays:
1. Hot N Cold, Katy Perry – 151 plays (no surprise here)
2. In Your Atmosphere (Live), John Mayer – 105 plays
3. A Night to Remember, High School Musical cast – 82 plays (um… I have no excuse for this)
4. Can’t Stop, Dondria – 73 plays
5. Right Here, Miley Cyrus – 68 plays
6. Sugar Rush, Cash Cash – 61 plays
7. Starstruck, Lady Gaga & Flo Rida – 60 plays
8. Labels of Love, Fergie – 59 plays
9. We’re the Chipmunks, The Chipmunks – 58 plays (I’m sorry)
10. The More Boys I Meet, Carrie Underwood – 58 plays
So there. If anything, I hope you got some new downloads out of this mix!

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