Cali Cali

I felt as if I’m in a slump. Well, at least I did for a few days. Cali is hard and I’m a tad homesick, however I think it’s great that I’m here right now when I can afford to be poor and slightly selfish with my life.

I’ve been on the job hunt for awhile but since my internship at Chic (@chicevents) is coming to a close it’s time to get on the grind! Today I went to Central Casting and got entered in their database for extras work because why not? I’ve always been intrigued with movie and tv production so maybe I’ll get to be a background actor for a few shows. After that I left Burbank for Glendale, which is ADORABLE btw, and headed to Rachel’s house (who owns Chic) to ride with her to a walkthrough for a wedding in Malibu. I’m here right now and it’s beautiful! We passed Pepperdine and are now at a restaurant by the beach. Perfection! I’m working a wedding in September which I have never done and I think will be on for another event as well so these will be great experieces. We’re going to Disneyland with the office which I could NOT be more thrilled about!!!!

Work at the tanning salon has been great, helping them with some marketing needs. I’m consulting with a spa back home to help fix their site and get a twitter up and running. I’m learning how to build a website and once that is complete I’ll have a lot more opportunities I think! By the way, if you know anyone who needs help branding their business or social media networking, send them my way!

Sunless Studio will be on a new show on E! this September so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Tonight I’m going to hike Runyon and hunt down a job.

All is well because I know things will work out for the best for me.

More adventures to come…

— Via the cell

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