It hurts. Bad.

I have to say I am not the “woodsy” type, but being here in Cali I can’t resist wanting to hike a huge canyon. Yesterday we hiked Runyon and boy oh boy… I was hurting today. However it was so beautiful at the top and it was great that cardio was involved. I have to admit my intentions were a tad self-indulgent… I was hoping to run into a few celebs up there. “Oh hey, Justin. Nice to see you Lindsay. Hayden Panetierre?! Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?” Anyway…

Today we went to Beachwood to hike and holy crap. It was a lot longer than expected! We saw a coyote which was terrifying however it was so beautiful seeing LA all lit up and it looked similar to Hawaii with the marine layer sitting below the clouds. I haven’t ever hiked anything in my life, so needless to say I got my butt kicked. I’m looking forward to more hikes in the future.
So I signed up with Central Casting and I’m slightly obsessed with it. Like, I call it incessantly waiting for a casting that I fit. Here’s how it works: I went in to the actual office to register and all that jazz. Upon registering (a fee is included), my picture was taken and entered into the database of photos. From there I am to call this hotline to listen for any castings that are needed and if I fit the description I call the casting director and they look at my photo and see if I’m a perfect fit or not. So I call the hotline all the time to make sure I don’t miss out on any great castings. Lately however it’s been stuff like “four mid-40s women with no highlights, pale skin and willingness to cut their hair for Mad Men” or “we need girls 18-to-look-younger for a feature that are a size zero and have red hair.” There is a hilarious one however and it’s this guy and he’s very professional sounding and indicates what ages he’s looking for and then it is like, “we’re looking for… busty women. (pause) I’m not trying to offend anyone so I won’t go any further, but send us photos… appropriate ones, ok? It’s for a joke for the show so you have to be busty.” I mean only in Hollywood do job descriptions include what size breasts you have to have.
Last Friday I went to my roommate Ali’s play. First of all, she was amazing! I’m so blessed to live with two great talents. I think we’re all going to help each other out one of these days. Anyway, we stayed after the show to hang out with the cast and celebrate Ali’s last performance and I kind of got a little tipsy off my wine. Of course that means I demanded Britney Spears on the iPod and Val recorded me doing this two-and-a-half minutes routine to “Womanizer” which included a good portion of it on a chair. I honestly have no idea where this stuff comes from but the video is completely mortifying yet funny enough that I’ll let Val keep it on her camera. After all of that the cast was asking if I was a choreographer. And Lauren and Michelle think it’s hilarious because every time we go out I inevitably bust out some kind of Michael Jackson choreography and I know every.single.move. The best time had to be at MyHouse right after Michael died. It was so sad, however GREAT for me because all of the clubs were spinning songs from “Thriller” and “Bad.” We got to dancing on the floor and some guy (Australian? Irish? I really don’t remember) saw me dancing alone to “Smooth Criminal.” At first I thought he might have been a weirdo and I was about to ask him to leave me alone, but he was very friendly and wasn’t trying to freak dance (I wouldn’t have it) so I let him stay. Then the chorus rolled around and it was almost like a movie.
“You’ve been hit by” (I act like I’m slapping his face during the ‘bum bum’ — HE reads my mind and moves his face and it was so IN SYNCH that it looked like I slapped him)
/”You’ve been struck by” (we both do the ‘MJ’ signature turn and crotch grab)
/”a Smooth Criminal.”
After that we hugged and I’m pretty sure he might have been my dancing soul mate (debatable…), however I will never see him again. Great times… makes me wish I had a video camera constantly following me around.
Alright. Off to bed! Long day ahead of me… I’ve been getting into the groove of two workouts a day to keep me busy.
Also, Texas: I’ll be in Dallas October 29-November 3rd for TCU Homecoming!!!

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