Kirbie Language

Most people in America speak English. I, however, speak a mix of “Kirbie” and “English” thus creating “Kirbish,” if you will. I was thinking about how idiotic I must be to write a post about the words I use, but then I also got to thinking how a) I know some of these words have never been used… ever and b) it’s time for them to start off like wildfire. Here are a few words and phrases of mine:

Babis, original form: baby, babe
noun: my affectionate other half, the apple of my eye, or someone that I think is cute, precious, or a baby.
usage: “Stewart is my babis.” “Where is my babis?”
Alternative forms: Mommis (Mom); Weenis (teeny weeny); Winkis (from Toby Spinderwinky, my dog {you can thank my brother for that gem of a middle name}); Padris (Padre, dad); Baby Daddis (Dad)
Wee Wah
an action
usage: When someone makes a dumb comment, a comment I don’t know how to respond to, is griping, whining, or complaining in any form. Also great to throw in songs.
Ex: “My ears hurt.” “Weeeee wah wah wah wee!”
Baby Puffin, puffy
noun: a bird, similar to a penguin but way cuter.
Ex: “You are a baby puffin.” “Puffy, as in baby puffin?”
Note: Puffy is now deemed the word used for baby puffins, as clarified by Stewart. However, when I was younger I could not say my Aunt Kathy’s name and thus called her “puffy,” so really this word was essentially created by me in the first place. I also know that Holly used to call Hef that, but she never called him baby puffin or puffy so that is where I take complete recognition for it’s usage.
“That cannot be denied.”
Ex: “You are a babis and that CANNOT BE DENIED!!!!”
Note: This never gets old.
Ex: “3+4=13?”
“He is a baby dumb.” “Little dumb.” “You are a baby dumb!”

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