This day in history: 8/14/1999

Today is a day I will never forget. I was in 7th grade and my Mom was driving us, being Jennifer my bff and me, to Dallas for my second *NSYNC concert. Texas Stadium. It had to be at least 400 degrees. Yet as we waited in standstill traffic we couldn’t help but think about how we were about to go to an *NSYNC concert and MEET THEM!!!!

This wasn’t my first rodeo; I had met them a few months before at my first concert. I thought I was hot stuff because I asked the question, “What would you all be if you weren’t a performer?” and the guys all commented on what a great question it was (what up). Not to mention my favorite, JC, called me sweetie. Yes, JC was my favorite, not Justin Timberlake… I thought he was merely a child compared to JC, plus and Jennifer liked him so he was all hers (oh the irony).
Anyway, we got to Texas Stadium. There is a video somewhere of me and everyone else in the van screaming bloody murder after seeing their tour bus. So we FINALLY park, FINALLY get in the stadium and FINALLY get in line for the meet and greet. This one was especially big because there were a million radio contest winners and a few groups disabilities, so it was taking forever! I don’t really know how this happened but my mom was secured by their manager to bring a video camera to commemorate this whole ordeal. So we’re standing in line and getting our autographs and my mom said something, which made a guy go, “Wait, are you the Clemens family?” “Yes…” “You’re not supposed be in this line!”
We were then rushed to this side room that was surrounded by curtains. The guy that had moved us was *NSYNC’s tour manager, Dave Brown (I think that’s his name… pretty sure). So we waited awhile, got to hang out with Jordan Knight for awhile and then BAM. Time to hang out with *NSYNC!
So we go back to the original room. Dave introduces us to the guys and everyone was really cool. They got up from their autograph table and we were all standing around, me and Jen giggling like idiots because holy crap, it was *NSYNC! I had brought along five autographed baseballs from my Uncle as he was playing with the Yankees at that point and I figured they might like some sports memorabilia. They did and everyone was really excited (even Justin, who didn’t come over until he realized I had gifts). JC made comments about how that baseball was a baseball “you didn’t play catch with” and I got a real kick out of that because, duh, I was in love with him.
My Mom also recalled a bet I had made with a friend the week before. “Oh yeah, well, I’m going to to kiss JC NEXT WEEK AT THE CONCERT!!!” Flash forward to the concert.
“JC?” – Mom
“Yes mam?”
“Can my daughter give you a kiss on the cheek?”
13-year-old me trots over, lays one on him and then proceeds to look at the video camera, do a double fist pump and a peace sign. Mind you this man is at least 10 years my senior. I’m sure at 23-years-old he was not even remotely excited to get a kiss from me, but who cares! I loved him.
After a few minutes of chatting, Dave approached me. “Kirbie. I heard you brought Jennifer here for her birthday. For being a great friend and to celebrate, here are two stage passes.”
Jen and I instantly freaked out. “Oh-my-Gods” and “No ways” were being thrown around right and left. We told all of the guys goodbye and made our way to our awesome seats. While we stood there in the crowd of people, I giggled to myself knowing I was about to go up on stage and be serenaded by the best boy band to grace North America.
Lights went down, and their first song was “Here We Go.” This was important because Dave told us to make sure go to stage right immediately when this song was starting. So we did, showed out passes and danced backstage with a few other girls who’d gotten lucky. The security guards were fun but also kind of stern, advising us where to go and what was going to happen. We made our way to the back of the stage and were handed off to a group of production guys who sent us up on to the stage – we weren’t visible to the crowd yet but were hiding behind curtains.
I stood there alone because Jen was separated from me. I had no idea what was going on until Joey came and grabbed my hand. “You excited?” “YES!!!!” “Good. Let’s go.”
We walked out on stage and it was the best thing EVER. Bright lights… all I could see were the boys dancing because the lights were blinding, not to mention I couldn’t hear them singing because it was so loud. My ears were piercing from high pitched squealing.
They sang “For the Girl Who Has Everything” as we sat on the stairs of the stage. They would stand up and dance with their mic stands and then come and sit by us. Joey was so sweet and made it a really fun experience because he was very playful and animated!
Anyway, my mom was screaming the whole time “that’s my daughter!!!” when I was on the big screen and after telling the guys goodbye and returning to our seats everyone was so jeal (and they told me so).
Happy TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY Jen. We had a good time.

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