Music Monday

Songs I have on repeat:

Knocks You Down, Keri Hilson/Kanye West/Ne-Yo
You know what I’d love to see? How awesome would it be if these three got nominated for a Grammy and performed this on the telecast? Better yet, what if the performances on the show weren’t the actual people who sang the songs, but their potential proteges? I could totally see Jesse McCartney as Ne-Yo (think about it before you start hating), Drake stepping in as Kanye and I’m not sure about who would be Keri Hilson – she’s actually pretty young and a newcomer herself, so maybe she’d sing it herself. I doubt she’s nominated for a Grammy this year. That would be really cool to see and I’m sure flattering to the performers being imitated.

Eh Eh (There’s nothing else I can say), Lady Gaga
Oh Gaga. I’m convinced she could make a song discuss how she eats poop and rolls around in her own feces and people would be in the club dancing around to “doody doody pooh pooh.” I’m serious. She can turn odd phrases into something cool. For instance, “Got my a$$ squeezed by sexy cupid” from LoveGame… I mean, who says that? Nobody. Anyway, Eh Eh is awesome and has a nice beat. The video is fun and she’s not wearing any pants as usual…

Good Girls Go Bad, Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester
When I saw the title of this on iTunes, I immediately dismissed it. I don’t want any part of girls going bad, wild, etc. When I saw Leighton Meester’s name, I laughed out loud. But then I heard the song on the radio and it was really catchy. I tuned in right during Leighton’s part and I thought, “I really like this girl’s voice… it’s sassy.” Turns out it’s Miss Leighton and she does an awesome job! I’m impressed. However, there is a part of the song that doesn’t flow well, specifically during when the guys and girls are both chanting. It gets jumbled and makes it sound like they aren’t in sync with the music.

– Track #7, Valentina MitZkat (sorry Val, I can’t figure out the title)
My roommate Val has a demo tape and it’s really all around awesome. I have so much to share with her when she gets back from NYC because although it’s only a demo, it takes you on a musical adventure with highs and lows. The songs are placed perfectly, which got me thinking about how she’s perform them in concert and what all we could produce from it. I loooooove song #7, which is what I will call it because the demo I have doesn’t have track titles and I can’t find a resonating word to name it. Plus I don’t want to offend if I name it wrongly 🙂 I wish there was an online link to it, but it’s not on her myspace. I will happily mail you a CD for $7.00 if you’re interested. We have a paypal account and all of the money will go straight to Val so she can keep producing more wonderful tunes and we can get her legit website up and running!!!

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