Texas > Cali

I have been loving Cali, but I guess growing up in the great state of Texas has me partial to the Lone Star State. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not moving back any time soon (I have my eye on the prize… sorry Stu!), but Texas has the charm and charisma that is lacking from Cali… among other things. Here’s my list:

Texas v. Cali
Free parking v. taking out my life’s savings to pay for parking every month
Clean air v. smog
Nice townhomes for $1800 total v. $625 for half a of a room
Night out tab = $30 including dinner v. $32 for four drinks, not including tip
Gym membership $29.99/month, with amenities like pool, basketball court & abundant cardio machines v. $64/month for small, overcrowded gym with the heater turned on and not enough machines (I need a new gym, BTW!!!!)
Parking lots v. vicious parking garages
$5 valet & tip v. $10 valet + tip
Easy access to clubs and bars v. long lines and VIP guests only (haven’t run into this problem yet)
Only celebrities include Mark Cuban, Lance Armstrong & the Dallas Cowboys v. partying with Sean Penn and Lindsay Lohan at Bar Marmont
Flat land v. Beautiful mountains and hills to hike
103 degree weather v. Warm days and cool nights
Brown lakes v. Blue oceans
Cacti v. Palm trees
History includes the Alamo and the Capitol (yahoo) v. Hollywood Forever Cemetery movie screenings, Mann’s Chinese Theater, Rodeo Drive, Walk of Fame and so on

Cali has it’s fair share of fun; easy access to movie studios and the history of filmmaking (a dream come true for someone like me), a beach always a few minutes away and the best shopping anyone could ask for. If Texas and Cali were one state, it’d probably be the best in the nation (minus Cali’s financial issues)!!!!!

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