The Ish List

I’m creating an “ish” list, and trust me. You don’t want to be on it. These places, things or people have landed themselves on here because, well, they’re not the ish.

– ABC Family
Dear ABC Family: I think you need to reconsider who you have writing and creating your new shows. Sure, you may have a hit with “Real Life of the American Teenager” or whatever it’s called, but making a tv series out of the beloved “10 Things I Hate About You?” Wrong. SO wrong. It’s so wrong that it’s actually offensive. You can’t remake such extraordinary creations of teeny bop deliciousness!!!! I know you think you’re appealing to a younger crowd by introducing them (in segments) to 90s movies, but I am putting my foot down. This is a terrible idea. As is “Legally Blondes.”
I swear, I go here at least twice a month and they can’t ever seem to find me in their system. Hello? Something is wrong with this. I’ve signed up four bloody times! But now that I think about it, what benefits do you get by being an Ulta club member? Free catalogs? Lame.
I love you, but it feels like a sauna outside. One thing I don’t miss.
Hey, thanks for all of the unnecessary charges on my phone bill. I shouldn’t be required to pay a $105 phone bill after shilling out $135 for a new iPhone. I understand and upgrade to my plan but I have unlimited everything. Additional charges should not be existent, especially since I’ve been a loyal customer for seven years!!!!!
That’s my ish list for today. People not on my ish list include:
MY BOYFRIEND!!! He bought me a super fabulous watch for our anniversary (I feel bad because I made him something. But he told me he bought me something because he can’t make anything). Anyway, it’s just what I like because I’m not into gaudy pieces of jewelry and this is perfect to wear everyday – going out, at work, with a nice dress, to a party, etc. A classic! Plus it has BLING in it and just like any other girl I love diamonds 🙂 mostly I Love my babis — Happy Anniversary!
The Thetas (+Blaine and Haley)
We’re all going out to dinner tonight and I cannot wait to see everyone! It should be a good time as I haven’t seen these girls since graduation.
Have a great weekend! Off to the lake we go tomorrow.

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