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Remember that post about my phobia for anything involving Alice in Wonderland? Just another reason why I’m scared sh*tless:

Yes, this is the new Alice in Wonderland trailer. As you can tell, I’m thrilled. I was trying to not watch it but I’m so intrigued by Johnny Depp that I had to see what was in store for us next March. Yes, I’m going to go see it. Why? Well, I feel like you need to do something that absolutely terrifies you every once and awhile (like my explosive love-hate relationship with haunted houses), so why the heck not?
Anyway, have you watched it yet? First of all, the commentary says,
“It’s a place unlike any other in the world… some say to survive it, you must be as mad as a hatter.”
SURVIVE?! That is issue number one with this friggen book/movie/drug trip. Young children should not be forced to survive. #2? Did you SEE the cheshire cat? Seriously. I think that is why I was so terrified of cats as a child (besides their claws).
However, I think it looks very interesting and cool. I mean, there are only so many interpretations of this movie that can actually be stimulating and it appears as if Tim Burton has found an interesting way to look through the looking glass. It’s also going to be in IMAX 3D and since I haven’t ever actually seen a movie at an IMAX before I figure I’ll go ahead and bring my worst nightmares closer to reality.

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