Music Matters Friday

Alright. You’re getting two posts today! Woo hoo! The first is about to be some music downloads I recommend. If you’re a male reading this, I can’t promise you’ll actually like this music because it’s mostly pop. But divulge anyway.

New sounds
Drake, Best I Ever Had
I can’t figure out if he is the protege to Lil Wayne or just a wannabe, but Aubrey “Drake” Graham got his start on Degrassi: The Next Generation and I can’t complain about that! You might also recognize Drake because of his most recent fling with Princess Rihanna.
Demi Lovato, Here We Go Again
I LOVE me some Demi Lovato. Something about her voice; it’s not naisily, it’s not autotuned (entirely), it’s not talk-singing – it’s wonderful! Probably the only Disney Star that can actually belt it out besides Miley (because as annoying as she can be, Miley can carry a tune). This is her new single the chorus rocks, it’s reminiscent of a bit of Kelly Clarkson, Paramore and Katy Perry. Not bad if I do say so myself. It’ll be stuck in your head in no-time.
Valentina MitZkat, Glorious
I can’t say enough good things about this next artist. Maybe I’m partial – she is my roommate, after all. But I’m lucky enough to have someone I live with play music I actually like! I’m pretty much her demographic so if you and I have similar taste in music I guarantee you’ll like her. Val’s music isn’t on iTunes yet but be sure to visit her page at Come on, Come on. Her voice reminds me at times of Celine Dion and a lot of her up-tempo sounds have a Killers vibe, a little Robyn as well. She writes beautiful ballads and I hope soon she will record and put up a new song she wrote just this week, “Kiss You Better.”
Cash Cash, Party in Your Bedroom
If you want some feel-good music, go directly to Cash Cash. I always listen to it on my way out on Friday and Saturday nights. Very synth, a little punk at times and definitely alternative, they make good use out of the auto-tune but it works for them. If you like this single, download Sugar Rush as well.
Black Eyed Peas, Missing You and Imma Be
A great dance/party album, The E.N.D. is throwing out singles left and right. My personal favs are Missing You, which reminds me of early 90s dance grooves like Real McCoy’s “Another Night” or even Ace of Base’s “The Sign.” I love Imma Be just for Fergie’s verses at the beginning… she’s so sassy!
Alright. Hope I’ve given you some good jams for the weekend. I have to go figure out why the cat is acting like she’s on speed.

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