You learn to Swerve

Tonight was just like any other night. Not really. But I was planning to attend a 21st birthday and I have to say I know how to buy for the birthday of all birthdays. If you’re ever hurting for a gift, I’d recommend some kind of nice cocktail shaker (they’ll appreciate it) and some freezeable ice cube shot glasses. Pretty self-explanatory: just fill the mold with water, freeze & set, and then use for shot glasses. Fun, right? I always like to throw in something not so ridiculous and realistic, like a business card holder, just to remind people “Hey, you might be old enough to get drunk at a bar, but you’re also old enough to start conducting yourself like a professional.” Business in the front, party in the back.

I returned home around 2:45 after hitting up The Roosevelt. We literally broke in and I’m not even kidding. Emily, a new friend, started yelling, “girls! hurry! seriously!” and we ran around the corner to this random door which, I kid you not, she literally pulled the door unlocked and we ran in. Lucky us because they weren’t letting anyone in. I felt so rebellious! Anyway, back at home, I decided to freak out Ali and Val a little by telling them I got t-boned in my car by Katy Perry, Val’s semi-but-not-so-much-arch-nemesis. I got the exact reaction I wanted and then told them it was a big fat fib. They weren’t too thrilled.
Then, somehow, we got on the subject of dating people we love. For instance, Ali had a fantasy about dating Prince Harry and the headlines announcing it as “When Harry Met Ali.” Clever, my friend. This turned into how I will marry Justin Timberlake. My mom has always been supportive of this dream (minus the Janet Jackson fiasco) and she has always told me anything is possible. Exhibit A? John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Kelly was just a girl who loved John in Saturday Night Fever. Now they’re married. Kevin Bacon and his wife were in the same boat.
Let me sidetrack a minute. You know what? I don’t think I’ve ever heard from anyone, “Kirbie, you can’t do that.” I really don’t think I have. Anything I have wanted to do or pursue in my life… I’ve never been told it wasn’t possible. Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s by chance – maybe that streak is about to end soon. I don’t know. I do know that’s thanks to my parents and family, however, and why I feel anything is truly achievable.
Back on track: so as we’re talking about JT and our big dreams for ourselves, Val mentions the movie “My Date With Drew.” It is the newest movie to enter my Top 10 Best Movies in the “Wield” (world) list. It’s a documentary about a broke man who has a harmless crush on Drew Barrymore (and has since he was 10) and has 30 days, a loaned camera and $1100 to document his adventure and to actually land a date with Miss Barrymore herself. It reminded me of how I felt when I’d go to *NSYNC concerts when I was younger and the anxious excitement I had while being there; that something magical was going to happen and that something bigger was going on outside of my life in Georgetown, Texas. I teared up at this movie and it sounds so idiotic but it’s rather inspiring. Someone in the movie gave these words of wisdom to Brian at the start of his search for Drew: “Well, you’re in Hollywood, a place where dreams come true and not just in movies.”
Anyway, things are getting tight right now. I need to have a full-time job by mid-August so hopefully something works out. I appreciate everyone thoughts, prayers, e-mails, site views, messages, follows on twitter… it helps me to feel a little bit at home in a new place.
It’s almost 5:00 now and I need to go to bed. Night!

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One thought on “You learn to Swerve

  1. Aww Kirbie, you'll do fine. I know it. One thing I really admire about you is that you blog like me and put your feelings "out there" for the world to see. Not to be an exhibitionist but so that one day someone will look back and think "so that's what was on her mind…"You'll be great.And yes, your family had a lot to do with you being so great. Stay happy, okay?:)

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