Romance in Comedy

Well I should have posted this on Sunday, but whatever. I’m a person big on dates. Not like going out, but calendar-dates. For instance, Sunday was a year since Stewart and I shared our first kiss! I can hear you all “aww-ing” right now. Ironic that our first kiss was before our first date – which is a first in itself. Anyway, I feel compelled to share our moment because it’s really a great story. And Stu is so proud of himself.

It was a Saturday, and I was invited out with my friend Blaine for a round of pub golf. I didn’t actually participate but I wanted to go out and get some human interaction since my life at that point consisted of sitting at the end of a long table during the day and going home to no one at night (my roommate was in her hometown for the summer). Blaine mentioned her brother was coming into Fort Worth because he was moving into Dallas soon and that he was coming out with friends, and “his friends are hot,” so I figured it was a necessary outing.
We were at that one bar by Pete’s… not The Library… Fox and Hound? I don’t know. Regardless, a guy walked in and I told Blaine, “Man, he’s hot.” Her response? “Um, that’s my brother.” Then she gave me a good Blaine laugh. Whoops!
Stu and I introduced ourselves to each other and pretty much tried to avoid each other all night. Before you know it we were bar hopping and ended up a The Pour House. The Space Rockers were playing – a great cover band – and I was running around desperately trying to find a business card (always being social chair…) when I noticed there were about eight bachelorette parties going on. Having a few too many drinks at this point, I made an odd decision when one group approached me.
“My sister is engaged!” One girl said.
“Oh, really? ME TOO!”
She immediately eyeballs my ring finger. “Really? Congrats! Where’s your ring?”
Crap. I had on two rings, one being a cross ring from James Avery; the other a blue & white diamond ring that was a gift from my parents.
“Oh, well, he can’t really afford one right now. But he gave me this one (the diamond) for Christmas and this ring symbolizes my faith.”
At this point a man has joined. “I hate to tell you, but you’re not engaged.”
“Why would you say that?!”
“You look too young to be getting married.”
I knew this was going to get tough. I needed to bring out the big guns. At this point Blaine is dying because she has no idea why I’m making up such an intricate story – so she walks over to tell Stu what was going on.
“Well, you don’t have to believe me, Sir, but my fiance is right over there. You can ask him.” I point to Stu, who is standing at the bar and has two drinks in his hand.
“Yeah right,” say the guy.
Stu looks at me kind of in shock. I knew he wouldn’t play along, so I was about to give in and confess – UNTIL Stu walks towards me, bends down and give me a kiss, smack-dab on the lips.
“Hi. This is my fiance and we’re getting married soon.”
Blaine is rolling. I’m not speaking. Stu is smiling. The couple bought it.
“Well, congrats. Get her a proper ring.” They walk off.
“Sorry about that… I hope that was okay,” says Stu.
“No worries! That was awesome!”
I think Blaine might have given him a high-five. And then he made out with another girl that night. Just kidding! That was the ongoing joke. But anyway, obviously things worked out for the better. I love telling that story and so does he, but it’s going to get to a point where it’s going to get awkward to talk about how we were engaged before we even started dating. hahaha.
Love you Stu-babis.

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One thought on “Romance in Comedy

  1. Oh Gosh, you two are so cute I can hardly stand it. I heard this story when it happened but it was fun reading about it! I love you too , Stu Babis! 😉

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