Most people consider Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist and The Shining scary movies. Well add Alice in Wonderland to the list, because this movie scares the bejeezus out of me.  I literally can’t watch more than two minutes of it.  Everything is so strange and everyone is so “off”… I just can’t handle it.  So you can guess that I was traumatized when I was scoping out Perez today and got a view of these photos:  

First of all, haven’t there already been ENOUGH translations, renditions and remakes of this terrifying free-for-all?! I can barely even look at Johnny Depp.  Yes, that’s him on the left.  I seriously have issues with AIW, ever since I was a child.  That movie is everything all of my worst nightmares consist of.  A little girl, alone, running around and trying to find her way while people mislead her, misdirect her, scare her; she grows, she shrinks, she cries.  She meets strange people who act like they’re on crack.  Not to mention her head is threatened to be chopped off.  I was just telling my mom how I had severe anxiety when she took me on the AIW ride at DisneyLand in third grade, and now THIS?!  I’ll probably go see it though because I’m totally into freaking myself out.  
So my iPhone is officially iDead.  The screen, although still viewable, doesn’t let me use the touchscreen.  If you try to reach me, that’s why you can’t.  I’ll be getting a phone soon though – I can’t run around this town without a phone.  🙂
That’s about it for today.  Just living life out here… hope all is well.

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One thought on “NOOOOOO!!!!

  1. Dear God! And all this time I never really watched what AIW was all about! I mean I just thought it was an animated movie for kids, much like Cinderella or something ! I let you watch that derranged piece of work! No wonder you have nightmares all the time! My gosh! I am going to go in the rampage to rid the world of that movie for anyone under the age of 18! I'm SO sorry Kirb!Let the guilt tripped Mom enter stage left.{{{SIGH}}}

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