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I’m a woman and I have no issues admitting when other ladies are fine, fine, fine. Maxim always comes out with a Hot 100 list but I have to say about 99% of the time I don’t agree with anything they say because let’s be honest here, when was the last time Jennifer Love Hewitt did something legitimate with her career? And Lindsay Lohan? I mean, yes, they’re hotties, but they need to be relevant – and not just for who they date or their latest escapade.

So I’m going to sing the praises of several women each week. I’ll include photos for all of you frisky types.

Megan Fox(y)… meow.

Yeah, you knew she’d be on here. I really can’t stop looking at her. I don’t think I’d be able to be friends with her either. How can you be friends with something that beautiful? Anyway, she’s a total babe with a “kick ass” mentality and I like that. I also like how she is reaching out to “yellow rose boy,” the kid who was trying to give her a rose but was unsuccessful. Luckily for him, mainstream media captured the whole debacle and now he’s getting to meet Megan up close and personal.

Katy Perry

Okay, so maybe I have a thing for blue-eyed brunettes, possibly because when I was born my Mom wanted me to look like that (wasn’t even close to happening. Sorry Mom). Anyway, I have loved Katy Perry since her cover of “Lose Your Love” by The Outfield was released and have been hooked ever since. I don’t like “I Kissed a Girl” at all, but I’ll let that one slide because the song “Hot ‘N’ Cold” is on my 10 Songs I Could Listen to on Repeat list and the Waking Up in Vegas video is spot-on. I totally want to design some outfits for her because who doesn’t like a good romper or hot pant? 🙂

Isla Fisher

I love a hot ginger (Prince Harry, anyone?), so I had to had Isla to the list. She’s a hottie even after having a baby! Not to mention she is committed to partner Sacha Baron Cohen, who everyone will be enjoying this summer in Bruno (out July 10). I think it says a lot of Isla to deal with a comedian. She must have a lot of patience and a fun-loving side. Cheers to you Isla!

Cameron Diaz

Who doesn’t love Cammie D? What a complete babe. A girl’s girl and a guy’s girl, she’s completely accessible to anyone. I love her big grin, bigger laugh and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t envious that she used to date Justin Timberlake. My Sister’s Keeper, her film debuting today in theaters, is based on the best-selling novel. I think this will be one of the first roles we’ll see her in as an older, maternal figure and not the fun, partying-hard girlfriend we’re used to. When I think of summer, Cameron usually comes to mind.

Emma Watson

Miss Watson rounds out our list. She’s the youngest but she has a brain – Emma was accepted to Ivy Leagues such as Yale and Brown but will actually enroll in Columbia this coming fall for undergrad studies. With Harry Potter’s sixth installment coming out July 15th, you have to give her props for still wanting to pursue anything other than entertainment at such a young age.

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