Ring-around Downtown LA

Today I got a scenic view of Los Angeles.  I should know better to volunteer for errands because inevitably I will ALWAYS get delayed and then I feel like a failure for not getting around speedily enough.  For instance, today the Lakers celebrated their championship win, so I’m pretty sure that it was necessary that a) all cops were out in full force and b) every road was blocked, detoured and unable to get through.  I had to park about seven blocks away from where I needed to be and let me tell ya, my dogs were barking.  Note to self: ALWAYS bring a pair of flats for “just in case” moments.  One thing I found today was that the officers here are actually really friendly.  I had several ask me where I was headed and brought up some casual convo.  It was refreshing!

Anyway, my mission was to find a Staples and pick up some things for the office.  Once Staples was in view, you would think I’d easily be able to get in.  Think again.  The whole thing was chain linked with no door or entrance in sight.  Um… help?  I start yelling at the security guard.  “Hi!  How do I get in?”  “Um, mam, Staples doesn’t open until 3:00 today.”  Oh.  Perfect.  It’s 1:30.
I heard an Office Depot was in the opposite direction but quickly realize it is chained in as well (for the parade) and it wasn’t open either.  Argh.  Woe is me.  What is a girl to do?!  I ended up getting Erika to send me an address of a Staples on Santa Monica so that worked out fine.  Then it was back to the office to write up some more bloggage.  I will be linking my posts frequently on here to http://www.mychiclife.com, so be on the lookout for that.  I have some Father’s Day ideas coming atcha soon.  
Also, I’m considering getting my own website so I can add features like my resume, portfolio designs, vCard and other necessary items – along with a blog.  Does anyone have a website host they recommend?  I had some kind of mishap with Weebly.com so unless it gets fixed soon I won’t be using them.  Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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