It’s all Lies and that’s the Truth

I feel a strong connection with Bernie Brillstein.  I haven’t met him, and most of you won’t know him on a name-basis, but to me the man is a mentor.  Bernie worked at William Morris Agency before starting his own entertainment company, Brillstein-Grey Entertainment; he is also pinned with creating shows like The Muppets, Hee Haw, SNL and representing talent like Jim Belushi and Jim Henson (may he rest in peace).  

His book that I’m currently reading on my Kindle (I’m obsessed with it and books on entertainment) is the name of this blog post and it was the best purchase I ever made.  It talks about the industry and how you don’t have to be rude, spiteful, manipulative or backstabbing to succeed here in Hollywood – which is PERFECT because my whole goal is to help talent succeed without having to be a malicious, terrible, greedy and money-hungry agent.  I want to help.  I want to bring some “goodness” to entertainment.  I want to help them make the big bucks and lead my talent in the right direction.  I want to tell them what they need to hear, what is real and what is true.  And his book discusses many of these things, how he accomplished them, and how I can too.  He brings up the fear every 20-something has: will I always be this poor?  He states that being successful isn’t a result of being rich, but that being rich is a gift to being successful in this business – but that people who really have value and talent do what they love and then reap the benefits.  There is no other motive.  It just so happens that he brings up a person close to my heart:
“Why does Roger Clemens pitch in his forties?  Sure, the money is good, but pitching is his identity.”  (2006)
It made me feel complete reading that.  I was meant to read this book.  And somehow, someway, me and Bernie Brillstein are connected, even if it is within that one thought, that one chapter of the book.  It reaffirmed why I decided to move here.  It’s hard when you’re homesick and missing stability to see the light through the fog.  But it’s a whole new reminder that I left my home (and my heart) in Texas to pursue my passion here in LA.  I could have stayed in Dallas and had a great life with a great job and life would have gone on and been dandy.  But my passion is out here.  One of these days my positivity, determination, ambition will pay off and allow me to help other people out.  Because honestly, if I don’t help them then they’re probably not going to get anywhere.  They need a stable, driving force to help them out.  “Them” being the talent, of course.  
New goal: Meet Bernie.  
Please pray for me and my endeavors here in the hills.  I ask that you all help my mind to be sound and heart to be healed.  I know I’m here for a reason, but this transition has been a lot harder than I expected!  Nothing good comes without struggle, right?
Hope you all are getting through any hardships or struggles right now!  I am praying for you all. And when things get tough, remember: Jim Henson started with a green felt frog.

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