Wisdom Removal

Hi everyone!

So today has been eventful for many reasons.  Today at Chic was fun – Erika and I worked on a lot.  I had to call Jack Daniels regarding sponsorships, looked up wedding venues and followed up on some band quotes.  I also learned we’re putting on a movie premiere next week!  How exciting!  Erika also got me a contact for a second job – she’s pretty much amazing!  
I decided to call my Dentist while wandering around downtown trying to find an InStyle Wedding issue – check it out because Chic is featured!!! Page 179.  Awesome. – because I noticed a tooth protruding my gums.  I thought it might be a molar because I had all of my wisdom teeth removed except for one (allegedly).  Turns out I only had ONE removed!!! So I had to call my Mom and figure out when I was going to get my other three out.  I am coming to Dallas in July to see my BABIS so I didn’t want to spend the whole time on bed rest.  So there’s a good chance I’ll be extending my stay in Texas.  Why not get them removed here?  Well, I’d have to pay out of pocket and girlfriend does NOT have money to do that right now. 
The roomies and I are throwing an apartment-warming party on Saturday!  So excited!  LA followers, you’ll be getting a facebook invite soon.  I am excited to announce as well that I’m staying with Val and Ali until an undisclosed date/time because they officially asked me to stay longer than my three month trial period.  That takes a load off of me worrying about where I would live come September.  I’m in the process of trying to find a full-size bed… possibly lofted OR a full-size mattress/frame and a twin-size loft (no mattress needed) so Val and I can arrange our room effectively.  Craigslist has been my new bff!
Lastly, I have to give a shout out to my little bro!  He has been kicking some butt with baseball (so I hear) – so proud of you Nick!  You’ll be in the pros before we know it!  Remember your big sister who loves you when you’re famous!!!! 
Thanks for the comments, by the way.  I love it when people respond!

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