Susie Homemaker

Why hello there darlings!  How is your weekend?  Mine has been slightly uneventful. Besides work, I’ve been using a lot of my spare time to work on my fitness, clean the apartment and bake.  Yes, bake.  Tonight’s treats were angel food cupcakes with buttercream frosting.  I blended pureed strawberries into the icing and garnished with a strawberry as well. Mmm mm good.  Meanwhile my boyfriend is hammered in Dallas and he keeps calling me to tell me he loves me.  Can’t complain there!

Val and I are watching Degrassi and randomly she gets up and goes to her piano and starts playing something that sounds familiar.  Oh wait, it is, because it’s the Degrassi theme music they play when someone is in trouble/pensive/upset/distraught.  Haha.  She just got up and started playing it!  We had a good laugh and decided life would be so much more dramatic if we had theme music playing at any given moment.
I have to say there isn’t anything great to report right now.  I’m slightly terrified of how long I’ll be able to survive out here.  I’m actively looking for a place to live/roommates come August in the event that I need to move out of this apartment, but you can’t really do anything until you’re absolutely ready to move.  I’m also probably going to pick up a second job to help with money because I am nervous I won’t be able to live out here.  I’ve gotten a little melancholy lately thinking about family and friends.  The weather here as been miserable and I’m seriously ready for some sun and a day at the beach.  If I were in Texas I could have gone to the pool every weekend thus far, argh.  I also miss the feel of Texas in the summer.  It’s different here.  I think I am most homesick because I miss my friends and my social circle that I was so connected to.  I always had something to do, something fun to engage myself with or friends that were a comfort to be around.  I’m sure once I establish a larger group of friends I’ll feel more at home, but right now I feel a little out of the loop.  
I’m going to brush my teeth and hit the sack!  Night and thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Susie Homemaker

  1. At least you're missing everyone in California – I'm missing everyone in Alabama, where we tornadoed all weekend and I moved around from parent's house to my apartment based on who had power at the time!

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