There’s a Party in Your Bedroom

First of all, thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with my blog.  Do me a huge favor and FOLLOW me because that would be amazing to see who my audience actually is!  Second, the title of this post is a song I can’t get off repeat – it’s by Cash Cash.  A great little diddy.

So what’s been going on?  Well, I’ve been getting a lot more hours at Sunless Studio, which equals more tips and more exposure and networking opps. For instance, today I did several tans for models and the first one started asking me where I was from, what I wanted to do, etc. (a lot of people tend to chat when they’re nervous about being naked).  I let her know my aspirations and she immediately offered to help.  I had no idea that all of the major talent agencies were about a block away from my work in the Bev – CAA, Endeavor, William Morris (they latter two are merging) and so on.  She gave me some tips and what I need to do to get the ball rolling.  From there a co-worker overhead and told me her friend was the producer for Larry King (weird!?) and that she would set me up with her so we could make contact and I could possibly battle it out for an assistant position.  Good things!
I honestly don’t care what I’m doing – everyone always asks me “what field do you want to go into?” And seriously, I’ll take anything.  You can’t be picky out here.  I’ve learned in my short life that all roads lead somewhere, but you can’t get anywhere if you don’t take opportunities.  So whether it’s music, TV, film, talent, production, studio – whatever – I’ll do it!  I hope that I can land an assistant or trainee position in hopes to become a producer, manager or agent.  Keep the positivity coming my way!  I truly appreciate everyone’s support.
Last night was pretty fun.  I went to Les Deux for the first time for Rock Monday.  Megan, the manager of the Kevin Josephson salon, invited me and the other SS girls to her boyfriend’s band’s video release party which just so happened to be there.  I thought it sounded fun so we all met at Megan’s and then took a limo to the club (there were like 20 of us) and had a little bubbly on the way.  Little did we know that Megan and her bf are being shot for a potential reality show that MTV might pick up so the whole time we were being filmed.  It was bizarre but fun.  The band was pretty good.  They’re called Love She Wrote and you should check them out.
We happened to see Ron Jeremy at the club and wooooooooooooooooof is all I have to say.  I cannot believe actual human beings sleep with him!  He was polite and nice which was more than I gave him credit for because I expected him to make a few vulgar comments and peace out.  
I have a running list of things I’m wanting to do out here.  I’ll let you know how each turns out:
  • Go to Disneyland
  • See 3EB out here
  • View a taping of Ellen/Chelsea Lately
  • Visit the Paramount lot
  • Visit the WB lot
  • See Conan
  • Go to the beach (STILL haven’t been)
  • Hit up Universal Studios
  • Attend a movie premiere (and I’m not talking standing outside)
That’s all I can think up for now.  Please pray that it gets above 75 degrees here soon because I can’t handle June Gloom any longer… it’s going to be June “Kirbie drives back to Texas” if girlfriend doesn’t see some sun soon.  Also, be praying for Euna Lee and Laura Ling – we as Americans need to do something about this!
Rainbows & Lollypops,

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2 thoughts on “There’s a Party in Your Bedroom

  1. 1. I'm going to Disneyland for my bday on Monday, July 6th if you would like to come!2. We are moving to the beach. You will visit often and you will love it.

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