I’m going to kill you.

So my roommates and I are going through this phase where we get in these moods like we’re going to bring up something very serious and a little awkward to discuss and then bust out laughing and are like “GOTCHA BIOTCHES!!!”  For instance, last night:  I start listening to Val on her myspace page – her new song is AMAZING – and was about to post a tweet to follow her, when she walks in the living room, sits down and goes, “Um, Kirbie?  Can I bring up something

 that’s a little awkward?” “Yeah!”  “Okay, well, when I’m home, can you not listen to my music?”
Apparently that’s when the color flushed out of my face.  “Um?”
At this point Val is doubled over laughing.  Meanwhile, I have tears in my eyes and am mixed between horrified, confused and giggly.  “VAL! What the heck?!  You are terrible!”  I gave her a big smack.  
I got her back a few hours later.  “Ladies,  I think we need to make a conscious effort…” (both Ali and Val look at me with concern)  “… to respect each other.”  Everyone starts to laugh.  Respect?  In 101?  Yeah right!  
Anyway you have to know that although I love movies,  I haven’t seen quite a few that are considered “classics.”  Top Gun?  Nope.  Sixteen candles?  A few scenes.  Let’s be honest:  I grew up watching animated Disney Classics, Spice World, Carpool (with Tom Arnold), Titanic, anything with JTT (Pinnochio, Man of the House), Clueless (which, by the way, was a STRUGGLE to get my mom to purchase because the video cover had the word “sex” in the tagline), Grease and Hocus Pocus.  When Middle School hit, while everyone was watching Can’t Hardly Wait and 10 Things I Hate About You (which I didn’t actually see until I was a junior in high school… made for awkward school dances when all my friends were singing “I want you to want me” and I had to mouth the words in an attempt to keep up), I was busy recording on VHS Britney Spears and *NSYNC appearances and memorizing every dance move they every took on  stage.  ABC concert specials?  Check. Disney Christmas Concerts?  Check.  SNL? You know it.  Ask Stewart – I can recite any and every line from Britney’s appearance on SNL (the first time when she had the animatronic moving boobs in her monologue.  She’s wearing a pink minidress.  I’m not obsessed…).  “And then I set her hair on fire.  And that girl’s wearing weaves now… shoot.” 
So coming to LA has been a wakeup call on all I’ve been missing.  I finally got to see the following movies:
– 13 Going on 30 (LOVED IT.  Made me actually like Jennifer Garner)
– She’s the Man (hysterical.  Amanda Bynes as a man resembles a mix of mi amor Zac Efron and Ellen Degeneres)
– Can’t Hardly Wait
– Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone
Now, the last title might have caught your eye.  I am sorry to admit this, but I haven’t ever read a Harry Potter book.  I’ve never seen any of the movies.  Apparently I’ve been missing out.  But it never interested me.  I figured it was a bunch of english kids living in a fantasy land wearing weird witch hats and flying on brooms.  It wasn’t until last night that I started talking to Val about her future that I got a little interested in HP.  I started learning how to draw clothes and the female body via the internet because I always have these visions of costumes in my head for different artists for their songs and music videos and decided it was time to learn to how to construct and implement my vision.  Once I did that I started drawing rompers for Katy Perry and innocently asked Val if she’d wear one. 
“What will you wear?”
From there we got off on a tangent about what her concert would be like and what she envisioned.  I started sketching.  Then she stopped me – “I think you’d really benefit from watching Harry Potter.  I kind of want to be a female Harry Potter.”  Okay.  Fair enough.  
So I have to hand it to J.K. Rowling,  I already fell in love with little Harry within the first 10 minutes.  I really want to read the books and then see the movies but I have a lot of catching up to do before the sixth movie comes out!!! 

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  1. Ummm when I went to visit my mom back in Houston a couple of weeks ago, I walked into my old closet and was looking around and found a bookshelf full of VHS Tapes all containing almost every single performance NSync and Britney Spears did. After watching it a million times, I would memorize all the dances and songs (there was always different versions of the same songs during live performances, it was always good to know them all)haha! I was a little obsessed as well.P.S. Your blog is great! I'm glad you are recording this exciting and scary (good scary) time of your life! When you are super successful and famous, I'm sure it'll be such a treat to go back and read it all again and remember how it all started out!

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