Gardasil Shot

This might only be pertinent to the women, but I’ve had some interesting events happen in my life regarding the Gardasil shot.  For those who aren’t aware, Gardasil shots are are a preventative vaccine used to stop the human papillomavirus – basically, it prevents forms of cervical cancer and genital warts.

All women, young and old, are advised to get it.  I was going to get one last year but my mom instructed me not to because she was worried of the side effects since it hasn’t been around for awhile.  So, being an obedient child (and having learned my mom might know a thing or two) I decided to hold off.
Now, some women swear by this shot.  Others don’t. My friend Haley happens to be a supporter, and she also happens to tell people who haven’t had the shot that they’re probably going to get genital warts.  But let me explain why my mother’s discretion make me happy I haven’t gotten it yet:
One of my youngest third cousins got the shot.  She was 16 at the time.  When I say third cousin, I’m saying my mother’s cousin’s daughter – we’re all pretty tight knit – is the one who got the shot.  My Mom gave the same discretion to her cousin as she did myself but she didn’t think anything of it and got my cousin the shot anyway.
Then a bunch of weird events started.  For instance, she was having these intense fainting spells where she would pass out when excited, stressed, anxious, whatever.  This tended to be an issue because one day at school she was walking and happened to pass out mid-stance, which caused her to fall down two entire flights of stairs, blacking out both of her eyes.  The poor thing looked like Chris Brown had gotten a hold of her.  
Another important instance when she passed out was when her house caught on fire.  It happened to save her life.  She was home alone from school because she was sick, went to light a candle, threw the match in the trash, which happened to catch fire and set her room ablaze.  Getting nervous, she passed out.  The good Lord was definitely looking out for my precious cousin because she made it out alive; no burns and no smoke inhilation.  All she remembers from the instance is a man throwing her over his shoulders and yelling “Don’t breathe!” and he hauled down the stairs.  That man happened to be a firefighter, and he gave some pretty interesting insight.  My cousin’s door was closed when the fire started.  Her room, being small, could have immediately been engulfed in flames but wasn’t.  The neighbors called the fire department after noticing the house smoking, and when the fire department showed up they didn’t think anyone was inside except for the dog who kept barking.  So they go in and run upstairs to grab the dog, who was outside of my cousin’s room barking.  He wouldn’t move.  He just kept barking.  So finally the fireman busts opens the door and finds my cousin laying there and that is how she got saved.
The doctors say that she was actually lucky that she fainted – it slowed her breathing, therefore preventing for severe smoke inhalation.  But what if fainting prevented her from escaping the house and saving her life?  My mom asked her cousin about the Gardasil shot again and ironically all of the fainting started the very same day she was administered the shot.  
After looking into it, many other women experience issues with this shot. Check this out.  And this.
With all of that being taken into account, it’s important to realize this doesn’t happen to everyone, but that you should take extra precautions before seizing a “miracle vaccine.”

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