Hello, God? It’s Me…


Why do I still care about school?  Nine hours of class and 40+ hours of work and I forget I even attend a university at all.  Is Organized Crime really going to help me in the entertainment industry? Better yet, don’t answer that.  I don’t want to know.  Honestly though, why do I still care that about getting A’s in my courses?  Does it really matter?  Will it really make a difference?  
The procrastination is catching up with me, and the wrath of waiting too long has hit me pretty hard.  A paper on two books I’ve never read?  Check.  A paper over Pablo Escobar in a course that I could give two craps about?  Check.  Not to mention I lost that course’s binder this week, and I swear it had to be by osmosis.  I never lose school necessities.  
Until now… 
Two books I am starting… now.
I’m starting to think my studious ways are going to prepare me for my future endeavors.  Maybe by getting A’s in these “just need ’em to graduate” courses I am proving that I want to be successful even at things I’m not too thrilled about.  I can only hope so. However, I know I’m not the only senior experiencing the Senior Semester of Slackage, so I don’t feel too bad.  At least I’m not slacking in the job hunt department – which, by the way, throw me a bone here!!!  I could use a boost in my confidence considering we’re halfway through the semester and there hasn’t been one bite on the career line.  
Thanks for the help lately, it’s greatly appreciated.
Love and Amen.  

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