Earth to Rihanna

News Flash: If your boyfriend hits you, let alone cheats on you, I’m pretty sure that’s a RED FLAG to get out.  I mean, what other proof do you need of divine intervention?  I know God doesn’t project violence on to anyone but seriously, this is getting ridic.

If Oprah starts to intervene, it must be serious.  Not like the photos from the scene of the crime were bad enough.  Is Rihanna sick in the head?  Where are her parents?  Oh wait, they can’t get ahold of her.  Something is wrong with this situation.  
Another thing – where are her manager and publicist?  If anything, she should know that rekindling the flame with CB might be the worst thing possible for her career.  Nobody wants to buy music from a woman-beater, but nobody wants to buy music from an insecure coward either.  I used to LOVE Chris Brown, but now I can’t even listen to his music without feeling guilty.  It’s really put a dent in my fitness routine because my workout playlist alternated between CB, JT and Rihanna.  Talk about ironic.
I pray that the reports of them possibly being engaged aren’t true, and I pray they don’t try to write some kind of domestic violence self-help book.  There is nothing about the two of them together that is appealing to anyone.  Nobody wants Rihanna to get hurt again, and nobody thinks Chris deserves her!
I do need to make a point though.  It is clear and obvious that Chris beat Rihanna on February 8, 2009.  I don’t think there needs to be any clearer proof than the photos and the statements made by both parties involved.  But I will say that the man is entitled to a fair trial, and that media outlets such as Nickolodeon and radio stations around the country need to strongly think about pulling his music and/or appearances from their stations before actually taking action.  He has not been convicted yet.  He must still maintain innocent before proven guilty (although there is plenty of evidence to prove that).  And if he doesn’t get convicted, it will be the biggest upset since OJ Simpson.  Because let’s face it, the man got away with murder.
I also have to say that verbal abuse is abuse as well. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, calls you names, and plays head games with you, get out now!  I beg you.  You’re alive to be happy.  God does not project grievance or harm on anyone.  So set yourself free and be happy alone.  And that is my Oprah moment for the day.

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