Screenplay concept of the day (week? month? year?)

Potential movie concept:

I’m not a screenwriter.  I don’t claim to be.  I actually don’t know jack crap about writing a screenplay.  But this idea keeps coming to me ever single day, so in the great words of John Mayer, if it’s the idea is persistent, “it’s good enough to write.”

The whole concept revolves around the afterlife.  Morbid?  Maybe.  But I think it will have a good theme and will be quite interesting as well.  There are a few kinks that need to be worked out, and a ton of interpersonal dialogue and discussion to be inserted.  After all, this is just a first draft.  A business memo, if you will.
A 26-year-old woman – we’ll call her Zoe – suddenly passes away via a tragic accident (those details TBD).  When in Heaven, she encounters her previously deceased mother, Hope, who passed at the age of 56, her grandparents, who both passed away at the age of 72, and her younger brother, Dorian, who died at birth.  
The concept revolves around how these people appear when she meets them again, and what they know about her when she gets to Heaven.  
Zoe: arrives in Heaven as the 26-year-old self she was when she passed.
Hope: In real-time would be the age of 62, but appears to her daughter as she remembers her – 56.  To her parents (the grandparents), she is 44 (the age she was when they left her).  To her, her daughter is 20.
Grandparents: See Zoe as eight.  They remember each other as in their 30s, when they were at the pentacle of their lives, before their health started to deteriorate.
Dorian:  Is eight years younger than his Zoe, so technically he would be 18.  To his Mom, he’s six (the amount of time she has known him in Heaven, since remembering him as a baby).  His grandparents did not know him when he was born, therefore they see him as old as his mother does.  To his sister, he is still a newborn infant.
Confused yet?  I’m working on it, throw me a bone here!
Maybe there is a movie like this out there already.  If not, I think it would be an intriguing look at how the afterlife affects our perceptions of the people we once loved.  For instance, Zoe falls in love and marries soon after her Mother’s death.  Hope, having not experienced this part of Zoe’s life, only remembers her the way she left her – single and unattached. 
How will it be when you get to Heaven?  Nobody truly knows, but this insight will help to bring a different perspective, especially since there are so many views.  Many think angels are our relatives or friends who have passed, who constantly watch and oversee us at all times.  Others believe that once you’re in Heaven, you have no worries – you’re rejoicing with the Lord, unable to see the tragic world below.  But how would you feel if you passed away and knew you were leaving people behind?  
What if when you walk through the gates of Heaven and meet the good Lord and he speaks of all your sins, you are then assigned a specific person to guard or watch over, the catch being it’s not somebody you know and you have no connection with that person (not even through six degrees…).  What if someone else in Heaven was guarding someone you knew back on Earth? What if you could barter and trade to help protect the ones you cared about?… Ooh, like an intense and dramatic yet spiritual family movie!
More to come.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

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