Just FYI.

Here’s the deal with my job hunt.  I’ve sent my resume to a few of my contacts.  The others I have to wait on because they require me to send my resume at least six weeks before I can work full-time.  I’ll start sending those in late March/early April.  

The most frustrating thing about all of this is that I’m a hard worker and I know if I actually got a job I’d be able to excel.  It’s the lull time that is making me nervous.  I guess for the first time in my life I don’t actually have a “plan” to follow, which weirds me out but is kind of relieving all at the same time.  
Just for anyone who’s reading this, I’m looking for a job in the entertainment field (“Just like everyone else…”).  I’m not doing anything for fame or glory, just to tell people I work in “entertainment” with “celebrities.”  I have always wanted to do something in this field – as a small child, I wanted to be a “Julia Roberts”, which in my head meant a movie star.  Growing up, I wanted to be an MTV VJ and I participated in plays and musicals, and although being in the spotlight appeals to me, I feel my true calling is behind the scenes so that I can impact others in the industry positively.  
I am so ready to explore that side of the business and am really passionate about getting into film, TV or music, either in management or producing.  Actually,  I’m really interested in all aspects of the business.  I have applied for many jobs – personal assistant, executive assistant, publicist, event planner, etc.  I consider myself a visionary; someone who can see the big picture and takes the appropriate steps to create and fulfill a concept.  I like to write as well.
I don’t have a degree in RTVF (radio/television/film), but if I read Ben Silverman’s bio correctly, you don’t necessarily need that type of degree to be a bad-a producer or division-head.  
My background is in advertising, public relations and business;  I have the standards and basics of business down (finance, management, marketing, law) and an extensive knowledge in advertising and PR.  I have heavy design experience and have created many advertisements, marketing campaigns for class and work. I also have a background in events, from creation, planning and execution.  Currently, I work as a manager at a local tanning salon and have increased sales by 60% compared to this time last year.  
Okay.  Enough of that.  I might as well considering posting my resume… 

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