re: an open letter to Marie Claire

I tried to post a consise comment on Marie Claire’s site, but it hasn’t posted any comments of mine for whatever reason.

I wanted to say this: the people who are outraged by the comments in the article are not outraged because she makes remarks about obesity being a health risk.  We get that.  What we’re outraged by is that she makes it sound if obesity is intolerable, worthy of punishment almost.  She makes people who are obese out to be less than human, not even capable of walking in front of her without enducing disgust.

I feel like everyone is entitled to their opinion and the Freedom of Speech, however, as a journalist and a writer for a considerably high-profile publication, you would think she would excerise restraint against hateful speech and comments.  In fact, hate speech is not tolerable at all.

I hate to say it, but the responses she’s received are expected.  But  it’s very clear something is psychologically wrong with her, so instead of berrating her with tactless and offensive comments, we should be praying for her peace of mind.  Just because she can’t tolerate some people doesn’t mean we should be intolerable as well.

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