XBox 360: Kinect Party

Last night I had the pleasure of working the Kinect party in Beverly Hills.  This was the second party I worked that wasn’t at a venue, but was actually at a house that had been rented out.

My job wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, just checking in guests.  However, since it was a rather relaxed event, I was able to go in and watch a performance by Miike Snow and get my groove on with one of Kinect’s games, Dance Central.

So let’s back up.  What is Kinect?

It’s a console that works exclusively with XBox 360 that does not require the use of a remote or controller.  Cool right?  The console detects your moves all by itself!  When you jump, your avatar jumps; when you dance, it dances.  You place it on top of the TV so it can “see” you.  It looks like a DVD player but functions like camera of sorts.  It’s also activated by voice commands.

There are a ton of different ways you can utilize this unit, but my favorite has to be with Dance Central.  Think Dance Dance Revolution mixed with Wii, minus the pad and the controller.  There is a whole library of songs you can choose from and three levels to play on (easy, medium or hard).  You can play alone or battle against a friend for points.  You get points based on how well you hit the moves.

This is PERFECT for parties.  Everyone, hands down, was at this station the most because it was hilarious watching people try to dance, and when they could dance, it was amazing.

The console is only $150 and I know it’s going to be the hottest gift this Christmas!  Kinect is available on November 4th.

To make thing even more awesome, The Tiz herself, Ashley Tisdale, was the beautiful hostess of the event.  I didn’t get a chance to meet her, but she looked fabulous and was bubbly and smiley the entire night.  She even played the games!

The Tiz playing Dance Central

Miike Snow performed and their performance was the highlight of the night.

Miike Snow performing poolside

And, Ryan Phillipe showed up!  Long time no see, mister.

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