And this is why I love Dianna Agron

Some people might find me a little “off” when I say this, but I thoroughly enjoyed the GQ spread with Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Dianna — and not for Cory.

Let’s just say it: Lea and Dianna are gorgeous.  Any girl who has trouble admitting that is jealous, envious, blind, or all three.  They’re distinctly beautiful in their own way, which is why people root for them on the show.  Yes, they might play the “underdog” or “mean girl” or the “pregnant chick” or “the really obnoxious one who has the voice to justify it,”  but they’re both attractive.  And we all know that if they weren’t, we probably wouldn’t be ask inclined to watch the show, even if the music is catchy and the writing is amazing (and Sue Sylvester runs the show). 

So when GQ published these photos, I was stoked.  Granted, I don’t know if Lea Michele posing on a locker room bench with her legs spread is exactly appropriate (for anyone), but I know she’s 23/24 (my age) and not a 17-year-old Miley Cyrus.  She is an adult.  And so is Dianna, whom is the same age. 

Obviously people want something to cause a stir about, so the Parents Television Council went ape and started talking about how the photos are borderline “pedophilia.”

I love it when people talk and have no idea what they’re getting themselves into.  First of all, like I mentioned, everyone in the spread is 23 or older.  Cory is 28.  You can’t have pedophilia without a child being involved.  Argument closed.

Second, does the PTC even watch Glee?  Do they understand that at least once an episode they refer to sex?  Does anyone remember last week when Santana and Brittany “made out”?  Or the references to Brittany’s active sex life?  How about when Artie refers to his junk?  Heck, next week they are doing a very own Glee-version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  This is clearly not a show geared towards children, or even families for that matter. 

Anyway, Dianna decided to make a statement about the whole thing and she speaks with such eloquence that you would assume she was at least 35 if you hadn’t seen what she looked lik, or that her publicist drafted a wonderfully written statement, until you hear the part about her and a pet dragon. I have to say she is so relatable that I feel like I know her (go figure).  I too had no idea what the heck Rizzo was talking about during “There are Worst Things I Could Do”, or what broke in Kinicki’s wallet when he and Rizzo were making out, or what the line “the chicks will cream” in Greased Lightning meant.  (Note to all my friends who came to the Grease 20th Anniversary Party in 5th grade: now we all know why all the high school kids in the theater were muggin’ the whole time.)  It’s the 50s!  It can’t be sexual, right?  Yet the movie is blantantly forward about sex and of course I had no earthly idea.  I guess that’s probably what most people who haven’t seen Glee think.  It’s practically a musical so it can’t be provacative.

However Dianna’s blog post pretty much says it all:  I’m an adult, this is Hollywood, this isn’t who I am, it’s what I do.  Amen for that.

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