Oh, the irony: Part I

I was a little hesitant to write this post, but I figure why not jump right in and fear nothing.

Irony is such a funny thing.  I’ve learned to embrace it.  Honestly, thinking back, I can’t believe some of the weird crap that has gone on in my 23-years. 

There was that time I was supposed to intern with an ex-boyfriend.  It wouldn’t have been terrible, except he terrified me to no end.  Luckily, he didn’t show up on his start date.  What’s more ironic is that the next year we were forced to work with each other in another capacity: party planning.  Yep.  That was interesting.

There was that other time aforementioned ex’s new girlfriend took a position on my executive committee… which was surprisingly not awkward at all.  She was awesome.

And that one time I was in Chicago for the World Series in 2005.  I went on an incredibly short trip to Chi Town with the family to enjoy the Astros playing the White Sox.  Side note: that game was miserable in more ways than one — the score, the weather, the ridiculous White Sox fans sitting around us (sorry guys, you were heinous that game).  Anyway, after shopping on Michigan Avenue, we rushed to a very late lunch.  As I get there, I’m eating with everyone when I notice someone come up to our table.  I recognized her immediately: she was a girl from my high school who wasn’t very nice to my face and wasn’t nice behind my back either.  “Hey Kirbie!”  Well, right now she was acting really nice.  A little too nice. 

“Crazy seeing you here!” 
What did she want? 
“Well we figured we could get a picture and an autograph with your uncle…”

Interesting.  Um… sure?  I was about to tap him on the shoulder before Mom interjected. “Honey, no.  We are eating.  No.”

I looked at my old classmate.  “Sorry.” 
“It’s alright, maybe later?”
“Yeah, maybe.”

There were 15 things I wanted to say to this chick.  I had never seen anyone turn into goop like she did in her attempt to get a photo.  I started to feel bad about not giving in to her request, but then I remembered my general stance on crap like this:  it’s rude!  It’s rude to approach people when they’re eating or spending time with family to ask for an autograph.  It’s not proper manners.  I know that if I would have asked, she would have gotten the autograph no problem.  But it’s the principal of it all.  Get some respect.

Oh the irony.  Now you want something from me, after all those years of ridicule?

So yeah.  I’ve had my fair share of ironic experiences…

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