Mercedes and Porshe, meet my fist

Mercendes Benz and Porshe drivers,

Congratulations!  You’re officially the most obnoxious people on the road.  I can’t decide if it’s because you like cutting others off, you feel the need to drive 75 in a residential area, or the general “I’m better than you” behavior.

Honestly, I think when you go to purchase one of these luxury (aka “supreme being”) vehicles, it should come with a complimentary “I’m an a–hole” bumper sticker.  At least it would help for others driving around you confirm what they already believe.

While there are a few exceptions, it needs to be known: we’re all aware you drive a nice car. No need to draw further attention to yourself. 

I don’t knock you for being able to afford such a nice gift for yourself.  I commend you for it.  Actually, I take that back.  Too many of you are actually paying for these cars with your rent money.  Regardless, being a little humble about it would be greatly appreciated.


The people who drive those “other” vehicles

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