Psychic Powers

This week has been interesting to say the very least.  It’s been jam packed with excitement, amusement and friends — every day I have been grabbing coffee or dinner with people I care about, old and new, and I’m so thankful that I’m starting to really enjoy my life out here in LA.  It’s amazing what getting through the first year can do for you!

I know God knows my plan, and apparently right now his plan is to keep me focused.  So I have been incredibly focused, however knowingly “letting go” of the outcome because I don’t have control (just the ability to prepare).

Tonight, at coffee with precious Kristen, we were talking and this woman came up to me.  She was kind of staring at me and both of us didn’t know why.  She gave me her card and said that she needed to do a reading on me… apparently her name is Venus and she is a psychic.  I kind of laughed it off, but after she got her coffee she came back and told me that there are two huge things that are going to happen/have happened in my life: “Something big happened with your career today, and I feel something strong with your love life.”  Career thing — true, depending on her explanation.  Let me tell you about my love life:  I do not have one, as in I’m not even looking.  This is a matter of fact, not opinion, so I’m kind of interested in what she has to say.  She didn’t say anything else except “tall man.  dark hair,” before walking away.  Who is this tall man with dark hair?  Jesus? A future boss?  I need specifics here!!!

While this very well could be her tactic to getting clients to come and pay for more information, it was pretty random yet intriguing.  She wasn’t one of those creeper psychics — she was very pretty and exotic looking.  Pretty young as well.

I’m not comfortable going to a psychic because I feel like all of that stuff is a huge scam… but maybe just for fun I’ll visit Venus one day and see if she knows what’s up.  Who’s been to a psychic here in LA?  Was it all just a crock?

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