Shout out to Mizerle06

Today has been interesting.  I got 12 text messages from my friends saying, “I saw your article on Yardbarker!” 

I was excited, thinking maybe one of my entertainment posts or beauty reviews got picked up (not knowing what Yardbarker was — sorry!).  Go figure, I’m getting the usual treatment for (what else) my Twit-Fight, if you can call it that, with Jeff Pearlman.

It’s amusing at this point.  The people who negatively comment say the same thing I’ve heard a million times before.  I’m always waiting for that one nay-sayer who is clever enough to surprise me and make me laugh and not say the typical “She’s a stupid as her uncle,” or “She looks like she’s been on steriods.”  Really guys?  Come up with something a little more witty so at least I’m entertained.  However, the postive responses are actually quite touching, so it’s been a good balance. 

Anyway, I’m wondering why my thoughts and opinions are even worth posting and commentating about.  I get it: I’m defending someone that everyone is ready to torch.  I can understand why people might think I’m blind or naive in that aspect, since the general public has their minds made up that he’s guilty.

As far as saying what I feel and I believe:  this a personal blog and I can say whatever I want to say.  It’s not the gospel nor a news source.  I have the freedom to defend my Uncle, write about Vajazzling or to say that mizerle06 from  Slow News Day  Posts Regarding People (Like Me) Whom Nobody Cares About  Sparty and Friends is just looking to get publicity from my article that, news to me, I wrote to “cash in” on. 

He, Mizerele06, wrote an article (from what I can tell) to insinuate that I moved out to Hollywood to become a TV host and am using my uncle’s name to do so, thus spawning into jabs at my beauty articles and posting an inappropriate photo he (poorly) edited.  Actually, I take that back — I don’t know the point of his post.  He starts talking about how he learned nothing from the tweets between Jeff and Roger, except that I exist, and then proceeded to give excerpts of my beauty articles and talk about how I was living in Hollywood.

So, I have to ask: why did he want to post about me?  Merely for that (terribly photoshoped and vulgar) photo of Roger? 

Listen, I’m working hard just like the rest of the yuppies in the world who are going after a dream. I’m just a chick who likes to write, has big goals and big dreams that I’m trying to make a reality.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And while Mizerle06 seems to think I’m “cashing in,” I can assure you that I wrote to defend someone I care about — not to get in the news.  The fact that this whole thing is even worth mentioning is a trip.

So, why is brazlian waxing important or relevant?  Why is learning how to tan safely something I feel people need to know?  To clarify, Mizerle06, I’m the West Hollywood Beauty Writer for  Nothing important or special, just a way to improve my portfolio and get my name out there. While you use my beauty posts to essentially “dumb-me-down” and solicit sexual responses regarding the word “facial,” (which is Bush League in my personal opinion), I actually write those posts to help me make a decent living.  Not to mention plenty of readers enjoy the candid reviews and commentaries that I post.

So, a few things, Mizerle06:

– Thanks for the shout out
– Being crude is no way to act around a lady
– If you need a decent photoshop tech, I’ve got experience

The big picture is this:  I’m just a minion — nothing important — so as entertaining as it is getting the love/hate letters and posts, it’s nothing to think twice about.


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3 thoughts on “Shout out to Mizerle06

  1. Kirbie Said:"I'm always waiting for that one nay-sayer who is clever enough to surprise me and make me laugh and not say the typical "She's a stupid as her uncle," or "She looks like she's been on steriods." Really guys? Come up with something a little more witty so at least I'm entertained." Well Kirb I did respond with a bit more substance. You chose not to post it.It's your right, after all this is your blog and you have the right to twist the truth any way you choose.As usual the tree doesn't fall far from the tree so I suppose your dishonesty and Unkie Rogs dishonesty must come from a common source.Was that the supposedly moral Grandma who is rolling around in her grave?What would Granny think about a man that committed adultery? In my post you chose not to post I pointed out that Unc Rog was an idiot because he chose to mess around with a messed up minor while he was married. Can there be anything more idiotic than his admitted relationship with Mindy McCready?????First he denied it then he admitted it, in other words he was willing to lie until the truth was overwhelming.By not posting you are far from honest also.PSI am not a Pearlman supporter. I disagree with much of what he says. I am a man of faith and Jeff is not. Neither is Roger.

  2. John,Your first comment went to spam.Another thing — don't talk about my grandmother. You don't know her.You're a man of faith? Interesting.Have a blessed day,Kirbie

  3. John,PS: I didn't say I wanted a response with more substance — I said I'm looking for a comment that I haven't heard before. Heard verbal vomit like yours a million times.Kirbie

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