Jeff Pearlman: Part Two

First off, I want to say thanks to all of you who read Jeff’s blog and in turn came to mine.  You did huge numbers for me, regardless of if you were coming here to tell me I’m an idiot or to sing my praises.   UPDATE:  Turns out most of the hits were not from Jeff’s blog, but actually from @RogerClemens’ tweet with my site.  Awesome!

Second, this is a family & friends oriented blog that has spawned into readership outside of that circle.  I appreciate you viewing my page!  However, I talk about things on here that I’m not used to talking about openly.  Things that they (my friends and family) know, but that I don’t usually publicize.  One of those things being that I’m Roger’s niece.  I don’t openly announce this relationship.  I’m very proud of him and all of his accomplishments, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve met people who have a successful relative and when the first thing they announce is that “so-and-so” is their (insert relative here), it kind of makes me want to vomit; just because you’re related to someone doesn’t mean you’re special, entitled, etc.

Anyway… on to yesterday.

After a “twitter conversation” with Jeff, I have to say he handled himself pretty well towards me, so I can’t dig on him for that.  I really don’t like digging on anyone, however, when it comes to family, blood is thicker than molasses, which is why I said what I did in the previous post.

Listen, everyone has their opinions.  I’m not opposed to that.  I’m very a much an “express your opinion” type of person, otherwise I wouldn’t have my own blog.  However, you have to understand that when someone in your family tells you something and you have no reason to believe they are lying or being deceitful, you’re going to defend them and believe them.  That’s why I’m rather infuriated with this “guilty until proven innocent” mentality going on right now; that just because other similar situations have resulted in a certain outcome, he has been categorized with it.  A lot of what has been said is all based on hearsay, and no legitimate proof has been presented to the general public, besides comments and accusations made by others.

When someone accuses you of something negative, it’s hard to refute.  It reminds me of high school when rumors get started — is it true?  Is it not true?  Regardless, that person is tainted with a reputation.  If Rog would have backed down and let this die on it’s own, people would have considered him guilty.  By stepping forward and making his voice heard, people think he’s guilty.  It’s a lose-lose situation.  However, we all came to expect his indictment — this wasn’t a surprise by any means — and I know most of us are comforted knowing we finally get our say so in court.  We also get to see what “evidence” has been brought against us.

Uncle Rog is not an idiot. I cannot, with a sound mind, believe that he would take this to federal court with a denial — knowing that he actually did take any banned substances.  I really can’t.  My grandmother would be rolling around in her grave if that were the case.  And given our family history and what Uncle Rog (and our entire family) has promoted, drugs are not something to be messed with. We’ve dealt with that type of thing before and we’ve seen how it can turn out.  That is why I am very passionate about this subject.

Now to Jeff.

Jeff, first of all, it was nice conversing with you yesterday.  I understand you’re a journalist, and in your words a “biographer and life-chronicler,” and that’s your job.  But, like I said earlier, it seems like you had a view of Roger before penning that book.  Heck, maybe you didn’t have any type of opinion of him until the Mitchell Report came out (I haven’t gone back to read archives of your articles yet).  But to me, it seems that you had an agenda, something to prove.  Everyone loves an underdog story, just as much as they love a good-guy-turned-bad story (i.e. Tiger, Mel Gibson, etc.), and it’s apparent that your book was written just in time to add fuel to the already ignited fire.

I don’t condone name calling and I’d rather things be handled in a mature fashion.  Was it mature of me to tell you to go throw yourself off a cliff?  That’s a definite no.  Did I mean that?  No. (Sorry, sometimes I get a little feisty.) And while being called ‘Lurch” isn’t the worst of your troubles, it ignited you to make a comment about Roger’s haircut; yet you referred to his Addam’s Family comment about you as “third grade.”  It’s also pretty hilarious that he called you Lurch because that’s a huge joke within our family… I digress.  Anyway, my point?  Pot, meet kettle.  

Excerpt from your blog:
“And by Clemens’ position, I don’t mean a multiple-Cy Young champ and 300-game winner. I mean a guy who’s so royally f-cked and disgraced. Were I Roger Clemens in 2010, and the world knew that I took HGH and steroids, threw my wife and best friend under the bus, lied before Congress and fooled around with an underage alcoholic country music singer, I’d be hiding under a rock right now. Or in the process of relocating to Peru. Or changing my name to Butch St. Butch.”   — Jeff, the only things not alleged in that paragraph are multiple-CY Young champ and 300-game winner.  And that his last name is Clemens.  No need to hide and change his name, because he clearly feels like he has nothing to hide.  But that might just be “arrogant” in your point of view… right?

I guess I should admit that while you, Jeff, are the face of this post, you’re not the only person I’m talking to.  I’m addressing the general public, whom all have written this off as a “vain jock trying to be above the government.”  I’m even addressing people who I have known for years on end.  Although not everyone is categorized in this group, a lot of people have enjoyed perks graciously provided by Uncle Rog (at my request), yet I know in the back of their minds what they’re thinking:  “He’s guilty.  That sucks.  He’s screwed.”  I don’t think it’s greedy to want people that care about me to actually believe for a second he is innocent, especially since he’s someone dear to my heart.  Then again, it’s a free country.   I’m an all-or-nothing type of gal, so it’s been difficult feeling like I’m not getting 100%.

So Jeff, while I mean (most of) what I have said to you, I do have to say that it’s not all about you.  I’m sure you probably knew that all along though.

Regardless of what has been said and what anyone thinks, I am a relative in this matter, so nobody is going to believe anything I say.  Their minds have been made up, and of course I’m going to defend my family.  However, I should mention there are several people who are family by association and family by blood that I don’t consider family, because they lack integrity.  Uncle Rog isn’t one of them, and I’m going to stand by him throughout this until we get some kind of justice.  It’s what family does.

And, finally, I know most of the population is wondering why the government is getting involved in Major League Baseball, and why our precious tax dollars are going towards this indictment instead of the million other (more important) things that need to be fixed in our country.  I’m sad that this has taken away from those things.



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2 thoughts on “Jeff Pearlman: Part Two

  1. Roger Clemens: Cheater and a liar. I cant wait to read your blog when he gets convicted of being a liar about being a cheater. Plus his hair highlights are as corny as his Twitter comments. You could only wish to be half the writer Jeff Pearlman is.

  2. I came across Jeff's article and didn't know anything about you, so I looked you up on the web. The best part about his article and your response is that you're a better writer than he'll EVER be. The dude is kinda boring and more than a little bit of a self-absorbed punk, in my estimation. Keep up the good work. Entertaining read.

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