It’s pretty much the Zac Efron music hour here on KG2H.  The first three songs are all from Zachariah’s movies, but don’t brush them off your shoulder just because of that.  I think you’ll all dig the songs.  

Pull My Heart Away
Jack Penate
The song at the end of Charlie St. Cloud.  I totally dig this dude’s voice.  Reminds me of Phoenix, so you know you can dig it.

Magic Show
Electric Owls
Also a song from Charlie St. Cloud.  This group could totally be a rip off of Passion Pit, or vice versa, but I’m too lazy right now to research it.  Google it for yourself then let me know.

The Kooks
I’ve watched 17 Again about a zillion times.  It’s that great of a movie.  And it surely beats Charlie St. Lame Cloud, so download this song from the credits!

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Alphabeat on iTunes.  Not sure how this is even possible.  Anyway, I guess I shouldn’t recommend it to you since you have no way of purchasing it, but you can always look up their videos on YouTube and jam out that way.

Not Like the Movies
Katy Perry
I love Katy Perry.  I’ve professed this about a thousand times on el blog.  I love her music, I want her body (seriously… it’s out of control) and I’m convinced we’d end up being best friends if we ever met.  She’s doing something awesome for her fans: releasing a single every week up until the day her new CD comes out so that we can do a ‘complete the album’ and get it for cheap!
I really like this song.  It’s pretty and it’s a great PSA for women everywhere: don’t settle, go for your dreams!  These days, when songs are all about broken hearts and things never ending up the way people want them, it’s nice to hear a tune that looks through rose color glasses and sees life as a glass half full (as it should be).

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