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Please download Joyce Meyer’s podcast for “The Life You Always Wanted, Part 1.”  Her message is amazing.  She just reminds us that we have to give God our time, just as much as he gives to us.  If you have to get up early to do it, do it.  If you have to stay up late, stay up late.  If you have to stop going out on Saturday nights and drinking until the sunrise so you can get to church and be alert and focused, then stop doing that.  If you have to travel to get to the church that makes the most sense to you, don’t hesitate.  And always pray, and always read scripture.

She reminds us that for any trouble you go through, God will reward (bless) you double.  Isn’t that amazing?  However, we need to stay focused and remember that we need to live accordingly to God’s word.  We are in the world, not of it, and at the end of our lives the only thing we’ll have left is God.  So make sure you follow him so that you take the right path, or else you may realize that you’ve made it to the top of the ladder except you’re leaning on the wrong building.

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