Bachelorette Fun

This weekend was Erin’s Bridal Shower and in an effort to be efficient we had the BP later that night.  Since the shower was in my hometown, it was a great excuse to pack up for a four-day vacay and visit with family and old friends.

If you know me, you know I am a planner.  This party was no different than, say, a formal for me.  I wanted everything to be smashing, especially since being the MOH means doing wonderful things for the bride.

I had been working on the logistics of the party with Erin, such as when, where, etc., but once it got down to the nitty gritty I started to have trouble.  What games should we play?  What should we actually do?  What favors should be given, if any?  HELP PLEASE!

The internet does not have a ton of valuable resources for Bachelorette festivities that don’t involve giant blow up penises or penis straws.  We enforced the PPP, or the “Please, no Penises” Policy because I don’t think being a Bachelorette really has anything to do with that.  Not to mention she’s getting married, not getting sent into sexual prostitution (or is she?).  So the internet definitely wasn’t helping out in that department.

I knew I wanted everything to be bright and bold, so the colors I chose were white, strawberry margarita and gold.  I was tres inspired by the new Sex and the City 2 ads and figured we could make it girly and sparkly all at the same time, right?

Since we were staying in Downtown Austin at a hotel, it made it very convenient to get to the bar district.  No cabs necessary — everything was in walking distance.  We originally planned to go to a comedy club, but to be budget friendly nixed the idea, that way we could spend more on Erin’s gifts.  I’m so glad we decided against the comedy club or a huge organized activity because after the shower most of the bridesmaids wanted to just chill out, have a cocktail and relax.  I’d strongly recommend doing the same if you are attending two bridal events in the same day; if not, then I’d keep the main events (pole dancing classes, spa trips, etc) early in the morning so everyone can rejuvenate and recharge for the night ahead.

We did plan to go to Cork & Co., a wine bar, after dinner, but since we had to wait an hour and a half to be seated, we ended up missing the reservation.  It would have been fun though since I have heard great reviews of the wine bar.  Instead, we had some great bevs at Iron Cactus before eating a great dinner.  I definitely recommend the Peach Mojito or their famous Mexican Martinis.  Lucky for us the weather was SUBLIME and we enjoyed cocktails on the upstairs patio before eating dinner under the stars.

Day before
Let’s backtrack.  Once I got into town on Friday, I started to decide on decor and all of that jazz.  I hit up Hobby Lobby and found FABULOUS things that were all inexpensive and adorable; I grabbed martini glasses as Party City for super cheap.  I spent hours upon hours baking cupcakes and cookies into the shape of hearts to create little thongs and bras for everyone.  As my brother said as he walked into the kitchen, “Um, do you mind me asking why you’re making cookies that look like g-strings?”  Just another typical Friday night.

Day of
I arrived to the hotel suite early on Saturday afternoon after the shower to set up and assemble everything.  For the refreshments table, I used a circular table cover in a light pink, folded it in half and placed it down on a small dining table.  From there I took gold string and cut it into long pieces, then used scissors to make it curl and draped them all over the table.  After assembling the pink martini glasses, I set out 12 and placed permanent markers next to them so everyone could write their name in the glass before pouring themselves a drink.

As for the Edible Lingerie, here’s how I did it (as shown on a cookie):

You’ll need:
– Two boxes white cake (or cake of any flavor, but I love white cake and it also allows the icing to show up better.  Makes 48)
– One pack of sugar cookie dough (makes 12)
– Cupcake pans in the shape of hearts (two pans, six cakes per pan)
– A heart-shapped cookie cutter (1)
– Wilton Fondant writing icing in the color of your choice (makes things a lot easier)
– Sprinkles for decor
– Wilton decorative metallic powder
– Baking brushes (small like a paintbrush)

1.  Bake the cookies and/or cupcakes according to instructions.  Be sure to note that the time allowed for baking for cut out cookies is different than the sliced and bake cookies, so read the instructions thoroughly! 

2.  Let cool.  While they are baking and cooling, you can start making your own icing (if you wish).  I used the Fondant Writing Icing but my mom also made home-made powdered sugar icing to fill in the bra and panties.

3.  Once cooled, you can begin!  Here’s how I made one of the edible thongs (bahaha).  The bras are a little more difficult so decorate at your own risk.

4.  Take the heart cookie and turn it upside down.  This will create your bottom, or as I like to call it, a “pear ass” — it’s skinny at the top, fat on the bottom, and that’s what Jamie Kennedy called Jennifer Love Hewitt.
5.  Start by taking the Wilton Fondant Writing icing and make the outline of the thong.  It should look like a distorted “Y” shape.

6.   Add a line across the top of the “Y” to connect the panties together.
7.  If you wish, create a bow.  I can’t really give instructions on how to make one; you’ll just have to do what feels right (so many jokes coming to mind with this post).
8.  Voila!  The first part is complete.  If you are in a rush, this would probably be enough of a decoration, especially if you used different colors for the bow and outline.  However, I added more colors and accents to make the panties really cute.  
Take a pair of baking tweezers (heck, you can use your own as long as you sanitize them properly) and grab a single sprinkle.  I used the little ball shaped sprinkles because they look pretty and really pop on the sugar cookies.  Place the sprinkles, one by one, onto the fondant outlining the bow.  
9.  Use a variety of colors to create a unique look for each panty you create.  I did matching panties and bras and if you have enough icing colors you can create a ton of different looks. 

You’re done!  Like I mentioned, the bras require a lot more effort.  The thongs and g-strings took no time at all, however we made a variety of panties, like cheekies, boy shorts, etc.  Feel free to spice it up and get creative!  I have to say these were a huge hit at the party and it added a little something special.  Since I made them myself, it was a part of my gift to the bride.  She even asked me where I bought them!

Since we stayed in a hotel suite, it allowed for us to really mellow out and relax before dinner.  We made pear-champagne cocktails (I bought pear nectar at HEB and mixed it with champagne – fairly simple) and we all munched on cupcakes to tide us over until din din.  To pass the time, we played the panty game, which goes as follows:

– Every guest brings a pair of panties for the bride.  They were welcome to buy her other items, but they had to bring at least one pair of panties.
– All the panties were placed in a laundry bag and mixed together.  If a guest had bought more than one pair of panties for the bride, she was asked to pick one pair to put in the laundry bag.
– The rules were (we made these up literally as we went on):

  • The bride was allowed two guesses as to whom bought her a particular pair of panties, which she picked out of the laundry bag one by one
  • If she got it right on the first try, the guest had to place the panties they bought on their head
  • If she got it right on the second try, the panties were placed to the side
  • If she got it wrong both tries, the bride had to put the pair of panties on her head
  • If she guessed correctly on the first or second attempt, either the bride of the panty-giver had to tell a story about their most embarrassing/funny moment together
  • If the bride didn’t guess correctly, the panty-giver had to wait until the end to tell a story (this helped to keep the bride out-of-the-loop as to who bought her which panties)
  • At the end, the bride was allowed to guess the leftover panties one last time and then those panty-givers were able to tell a story
It was an entertaining game because it got to be funny to see the bride with multiple panties on her head and it helped for the group to get to know each other a little better.
I also bought a “Would You Rather…” book from Urban Outfitters about love and sex and that helped us to pass the time with some fun questions.
It’s not necessary, but I decided to make some fun favors for the group.  It was really simple and fun to do!  I grabbed some really cute take-out boxes from Hobby Lobby in pink and white.  Take out boxes are great because they look good and they’re pretty inexpensive as well.  In the boxes, I put some essentials for the night ahead: gum, a mini bottle of water, an individual pack of Tylenol and one of the homemade panty/bra cookies, which I put in a cute little bag.  
Trust me, the mini bottles of water were a smash hit the next morning! 🙂 
Here’s the take-out box I used for the bride’s gift.  Inside I put one of her gifts (a white and baby blue garter — in hopes she’ll use it as her “something blue”) and since her other gift didn’t quite fit, I wrapped gold ribbon around it.
Other fun ideas
If you’re wanting to give gifts for games, mini bottles of alcohol are always a hit.  They’re cute and enough for a shot to get the party going.  Wrap ’em up in a cute bag and voila!  You have yourself a fabulous gift for the ladies in the group.
If your group is not the alcohol type, another great gift is chick-lit.  Chasing Harry Winston, The Shopaholic Series, Bergdorf Blondes, etc. would all be great books to gift at the BP.  OR my personasl favorites, Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin, the queen of chick lit.
I loved the pair of panties I gave Erin!  They’re light blue with lace and I found a rhinestoned monogram “S” that I ironed on the front (for Stokes, her soon-to-be last name).  They’re great because they were personalized and they’re light blue, so if she wanted she could use them as her something blue!
– Celebrity couples
  • This game is fun, although we didn’t have time to do it!  Have the girls get into pairs and decide who is going to go first.  You can either do it Pictionary style where you draw out the couple or where you describe one half of the couple (i.e. “George Jetson’s wife!” “Judy!”).  The pair who gets the most couples correct wins a prize.  Make sure to use a variety of couples – celebrities, cartoons, etc.

– Mad Libs

  • I didn’t get time to do this either, but it’s so cute!  I created this on InDesign and is great for a memory book for the bride.  Have everyone fill out the page below — it gets conversation going for sure!
    – Purse Search
    • We played this at the shower and it was too cute not to post.  All the ladies were asked to bring out their purses and were given a checklist.  As you went through your purse, you would check off what all you could find — if it was on the checklist, it was worth a certain amount of points.  The person with the least and most points would win a prize.  I found out that I have three pens in my purse, a pair of earrings, a mirror and nine lip glosses, among other things.  Some women had up to 15 lip glosses!  
    I had such a great time at the shower and the BP and I think the group did as well.  Austin was an excellent location and I highly recommend it!  All you really need is a few cocktails, some creativity and a good group of girls to make a Bachelorette Party a big success!

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