Busy month!

Can anyone else believe it’s April?  Wowzas.  This month has been full of fun and excitement.  I went to Ellen on the 8th and saw Taylor Swift last Thursday!  Ellen was great and thanks to a friend’s useful advice, I was narrowed down with six other women to play a game!  They had us all practice as if our name had just been called and we were getting to meet Ellen, which involved a lot of hugging, jumping and screaming.  It was pretty much hilarious.

Unfortunately for me, my name wasn’t called, however that didn’t stop the fun.  Me and my roommate Ali performed our “hidden talents” for the audience to help pass time — hers being her infamous “crying baby” impression, which was so realistic that all the mothers in the audiences felt a little twinge after hearing it.  I rolled my eyes back in my head and scared the bejeezus out of everyone, so I guess I was known as the freak show for the rest of the time.  Our guests were Chad OchoCinco and his partner on Dancing with the Stars and Julie Bowen from Modern Family.  The two women who were called down to play the game played celebrity in which they guessed celebrity moms!  I was the youngest person in the game group so I guess they figured I didn’t know my celebrity moms and man, they were wrong!  Both contestants won a $400 Target Gift Card… amazing.

The best part of Ellen is probably the dancing.  During commercial breaks they have dance offs in which audience members compete for prizes based on their dancing skills.  Ali told me to get up and dance and luckily they started to play Michael Jackson, so I got up in the aisle and danced.  It was fun but I was really insecure because I was wearing those no strap/backless/stick on bras and because I had been sweating so much outside the studio it was starting to fall off!  So I was praying the entire time I was dancing that they wouldn’t fling off onto the floor or something… that would have been special.  Not to mention before the show they kept asking me if I would be willing to play any game – dunk tank, No or Go, etc.  Could you imagine if I was picked to do the dunk tank and my bra fell off and started floating in the water?!   Anyway the audience coordinator never picked the winner in my group of dancers so we will never know whose moves were the best.

Taylor Swift was amazing.  Ali’s mom got her great tickets and I was very happy to join in on the festivities.  This was my first T. Swift show and she puts on a great performance!  I know her voice can kind of sound off on awards shows but she sounded great in concert (she wasn’t lip synching, trust me).  I loved all the showmanship she had, especially with all the costume changes and awesome stage.  My favorite parts were most definitely when she appeared in the crowd during “Hey Stephen” and went on a hugging rampage AND when Katy Perry came out to sing “Hot ‘n’ Cold”!  STELLAR!  I’m really happy for Taylor because it seems like she has a great head on her shoulders and I’m glad she had all of the success she has had these past two years.

This weekend is Erin’s shower and bachelorette party and I  COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED for the shenanigans that are about to go on!  I’m going to post some of the ideas I had for future bridesmaid/MOH use because I have scoured the internets for resources and there is no market for that — it’s all about the bride and wedding…. which, I mean, is understandable, however there needs to be a legit site for stuff like that, not the sketchy stuff I was finding.

Lastly, who watched Glee?  Anyone else pissed beyond words that Idol went over time and cut off the end of the show?!  SERIOUSLY, Idol is a complete snoozefest this season.  Stay within your allotted time!  I loved the “Like a Virgin” scene of Glee, mostly because Mr. Schuester is a complete babe.  Why don’t teachers like himself actually exist in high school?  I would have taken more spanish classes if he taught at GHS.

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