Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?

Hello all!  I’m feeling inspired by Sex and the City 2, so I updated my background and header.  What do you think?  It’s alright for now.  Once I get more time, say this Sunday, I’m going to work on revamping the whole darn thing.

Speaking of SATC2, have you seen the trailers? To die for!  And I KNEW Aiden would be back!  My roommates and I have been watching all the seasons the past few weeks and I’ve come to the realization that Carrie is a bitch.  Yep.  I know everyone loves her, but seriously, she’s a terror.  She’s absolutely horrible to all the men she’s been with!  Too needy with Big (I’m not a fan of his either, but for this matter’s sake), a complete spawn of Satan with Aiden, and it seems as if she was PMSing her entire relationship with Jack Burger.  Maybe she deserved a post-it note break up?  Maybe he was afraid she would bark at him?  Just sayin’.

I guess I can’t hide the fact that my absolute favorite character is Samantha.  I’m pretty sure she should have an STD by now (and by God’s grace doesn’t have HIV), however she has gumption. She’s confident, strong-willed, she dated the epitome of a man, Smith (sigh); has a good career going.  Hell, besides Miranda, she’s the only one who can afford those Jimmy Choos on her feet.  Which makes me wonder: I’m still confused as to what kind of writer Carrie is.  I mean, I know she gets a book deal at one point, so she probably made a pretty penny from that, but before, as a columnist, I’m pretty sure she would be without rent if she bought half of the clothes we see her wearing.  Is she getting free samples?  Is she a thief?  Does she have a dirty secret on Anna Wintour who thus sends her boxes and boxes of couture?  IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.  So ironic considering most of the relationship material they encounter in the show is spot-on.  But nothing’s perfect, now is it?

On to the next one.  Who watched Glee?  I did.  I’m ready for the backlash of this, however I don’t think last night’s episode had the pizazz of last season.  I’m anxiously awaiting the Madonna episode next week, but I wasn’t sold on all the shiz going on last night.  Was anyone else confused by the Rachel/Finn relationship?  I would liked to have seen the actual moment that was initiated, because it sure didn’t happen in last season’s finale, and while I love Jonathan Groff, I’m not sold on him & Rachel because I know he’s gay.  But maybe that’s the point, right?

Likes:  That Emma Pillsbury is a virgin, that Idina Menzell is in the season right off the bat (however, she MUST sing.  This role could be one of catastrophic proportions if she doesn’t sing, a la Enchanted.  Still boggles my mind how a broadway guru can go through an entire Disney film without breaking into song), Mr. Shu is somewhat of a slut, Sue Sylvester in general

Dislikes: I feel like there wasn’t much of a story line going on with the kids.  They won sectionals, are practicing for regionals… and that’s it?  Meanwhile Mr. Shu is making out with anyone and everyone while he’s still married, Sue is still being a tyrant, and Rachel and Finn somehow had a mini relationship, then broke up, and now Finn is trying to win her back from the closeted gay show choir rival?  Kurt and Mercedes needed way more screen time… but that’s my personal opinion. 🙂  I wasn’t a fan of the song choices either, except for Lionel Richie’s “Hello,” because you can’t do songs about “Hello” and not include that gem.  Seriously, the music video is so creepy but amazing at the same time.

Anyway, I’m hoping for a fantastic season.  Tomorrow I am headed to Staples to see T. Swifty with Ali and I’m REALLY UBER EXCITED!  Can’t wait to sing “Picture to Burn” at the top of my lungs.

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