"Give @kirbiej 15 minutes!"

Habakkuk 2:3 says, “The vision is for an appointed time. Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it. It will surely come.”

This week’s message from Joel Osteen really means a lot to me because last week I had a 20-something-crisis of sorts.  You’re all probably like “Kirbie, I read about these almost every month.”  Nobody prepares you for being in your 20s.  It’s an odd time.  I thought by now I’d be like “I’m Kirbie.  I’m (adjective), (adjective), and (adjective).”  But I can’t even cut my bangs without it being a really detailed process and thinking “how will people perceive me if my hair looks like this?”  A little psychotic, sure.  But I know most women probably go through the same thing.

It’s interesting because I feel like merely a year ago I could have given two craps about what people thought about me and I had no issues with confrontation.   Now I can’t even think about confrontation without shaking a little bit, but I believe once I become “myself” again here in LA that I will be able to get my point across with poise and ease.

So let’s start with… what the heck have I been doing lately?  My computer is still, STILL not at the doctor to be fixed.  Hence why I’m sitting on the floor and typing this on the big computer monitor (my TV).  I guess I’ll start with the week before Valentine’s….

February 8th
I worked on CSI: Miami in Long Beach as an extra.  I was asked to be featured waitress which was exciting but I know never to get my hopes up for these things because you can always end up on the cutting room floor.

I arrived at 6:30 am (yikes) and it was a beautiful day in Long Beach!  A little chilly in the early morning but still gorgeous outside.  We got changed after we checked in (we being the other two waitresses and I) and as we were being transported to set the AD asked us if we had serving experience.  Nobody except I did, which I didn’t think anything of until we started shooting.  Once we did, they started calling me over to shoot a scene with the main character, Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and a character acting as his son.  They had me as their server, so I was in and out of the shot once or twice.  Little did I know I would be filming a close-up!  So they shot my whole close up and everyone was saying things like “Okay Kirbie here’s your money shot!” and when Mr. Caruso asked what was going on and the AD told him they were filming my close-up he responded with, “Well I guess I should be in it so when she gets famous I can say I was a part of it.”  That was so nice of him to say!  And it was nice of him to stick around because in case you didn’t know, most actors only shoot the scenes where their faces are shown; the rest of the time you think you’re looking at the back of their head but really it’s someone who resembles them while the actors takes as break.

So I shot that.  Eazy breezy… I thought it would be at least an eight hour day but it turned out to be only four because they got me in so many shots they couldn’t use me anymore!  Getting paid for eight hours and staying for four = score!

Valentine’s happened and that was sad because my valentine is in TEXAS!!!  However I received beautiful roses from my family and a bouquet of flowers from Stewart.  Thank you guys!

Then I got a job at Frederic Fekkai which is proving to be better and better; I get a ton of free services and discounts for my family and friends!  More of a reason for everyone to visit me 🙂  Free manis and pedis here I come!

Now for this past week.  On Friday I went out with some friends and it was a blast.  We always end up at Crown Bar but honestly they play the best music… however it should be noted I did request everyone’s guilty pleasure “Party in the USA” and the DJ didn’t have it!!!!! Either that or he was lying.  I was pretty pissed.  While I was there, we had some celebrity sightings:

– Lauren Conrad with her boyfriend, Kyle Howard
I didn’t see Kyle but I did see LC and I REALLY wanted to tell her “Hi!” but luckily I restrained myself.  I’m such an idiot though that I tweeted she was there, secretly hoping she’d see the tweet, find me and tell me hi.  I’m so delusional sometimes!  She didn’t appear to be drinking.

– Seth Green
Are you guys aware that he’s like 5’0” tall????  He was so cute I wanted to put him in an Easter basket.

– Topher Grace
He looked clean cut and handsome and one of the girls I was with had an awkward eye contact moment with him which made things even more funny that night.

This past Sunday I worked for celebrity publicist Rachel Madison Hill for a USO Event at the Saban Theatre.  This theatre is gorgeous and I had a blast being back into event planning mode.  After doing some minor decorating and helping with catering, I was whisked away to help Francine who was running the red carpet for the event.  I am seriously obsessed with running red carpets.  It’s maybe the most fun thing EVER!  Granted I’ve only helped out with two, but I felt really in my element.  My whole goal for red carpets it to make sure every “celebrity” (I put that in quotes because some people walking the red carpet but honestly aren’t celebrities at all) feels important.  I don’t want someone to walk up and say “Hi, I’m so-and-so,” I want them to feel like I know and recognize them without skipping a beat.  Tip sheets help but so many people look different from their photos that you have to be very aware and keen to make sure you get the right person.  I haven’t run any red carpets that were all really well known people, but if and when I do I promise you I will be the best person EVER!  Heck if I can help run these red carpets with John and Jane Doe and make everyone feel like a superstar then imagine what I could do assisting/running/interviewing on an Oscar carpet (that’s for you, @kenbakernow, which I’ll get to later).
Don’t get me wrong though, there were many great names on the roster for the USO red carpet including Nancy Sinatra, Barbara Eden, Connie Stevens, Erik Estrada and my personal favorite Bridget Marquardt from The Girls Next Door!!!!  She was so pretty, really nice and looked fit and fabulous!

Anyway, after I left the event I realized I was about two buildings away from the Comcast Building where E! is.  I tweeted something like, “If I took a ‘hire me’ package for @kenbakernow to the Comcast building I can’t get arrested right?”  Ken Baker, for those of you who don’t know, is the Executive Editor for E! News and pretty much a person I NEED to get in contact with.  Yesterday I woke up and got ready for work and as I was doing my make-up I checked my Twitter to find that Ken actually tweeted me back.  AMAZING!!!!!  So I am bound and determined to a) get in to the Comcast building (not sure how easy this will be — anyone know if you need a credential/security tag to get in?) and b) get this portfolio of sorts to Ken.  If anything he might see me as ambitious and hook me up with someone to get my foot in the door.  This is why I am starting the “Get @kirbiej 15 minutes!” campaign.  All you have to do it tweet it to @kenbakernow everyday until notices and follows me/let’s me have 15 minutes of his time.  So, copy this into your twitter and TWEET it daily!  Three times daily even!

@kenbakernow, give @kirbiej 15 minutes!

So let’s pray something magical happens with that.  If anything I’m preparing a little “why I should be your newest hire” spiel. 🙂  Also, if you can tell your friends to come to my blog and sign up to be a follower that would be awesome.  The more followers I have, the more exposure I get and the more reason for Ken to get in contact with me!

Love yall!

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