Tiger Woods

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As everyone knows, Tiger Woods held a televised press conference this morning to offer the world his sincerest apologies for basically being, for lack of better (or fun) words, a pirate hooker.  I’d say 10 mistresses is getting a little cocky (no pun intended).

However, I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts on this.  Does Tiger owe the world an apology?  Should celebrities be put on pedestals and considered icons and/or idols to the youth and the general public?  Why or why not?  Should this conference even have happened, taken that it was regarding his personal, private and sexual life — not about the sport that brought him such fame and success?

In MPO, I feel while so many of us look up to celebrities and sports stars, we need to make it clear that these people are in fact human.  They weren’t born on another planet and aren’t made of steel.  They will fail, make mistakes, get in trouble, etc. They just happen to have their wrong doings plastered on every media outlet and a PR team to make things “all better.”  I can tell you right now that if one of my girlfriend’s husbands cheated on her with 10 mistresses, I’d hardly be willing to give him a second chance.  The first word coming out of my mouth would be “divorce” and the second would be “now.”  But for some reason Tiger gets up, says his piece, and now the world resonates with a “this is a great first step to winning back the public.”  Meanwhile all the mistresses are boo-hooing about how Tiger owes them an apology for deceiving them – nevermind the fact they all knew they were in a cheating relationship themselves, albeit unaware that they weren’t the only mistress.  It makes no sense.

I guess at the end of the day I see it like this:  Tiger Woods might sleep around, but he’s essentially like the lovable cheerleader (or what-have-you)  in high school who has sex with whole football team.  She’s cute and she’s a great cheerleader so her sex life isn’t going to get her kicked off the squad; Tiger will always be an phenomenal golf player and he will continue to have a successful career with golf.  Likewise, I’ve mentioned before that John Mayer might say douche-y things and risk never getting a solid date in Hollywood ever again, but lucky for us he’ll turn to his music and make a great album, and we’ll all buy it and go to his concerts.  And not even could the irony of Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic statements keep him from having a few hit movies on his hands.  If you have a talent, people will still want to be entertained by it regardless of what type of person you actually are.

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