Vajazzle me baby!

Okay ladies (guys, this post isn’t directed towards you, however it might be interesting).  Let me take a second to catch you all up on the latest trend for your lady parts.  I was watching the George Lopez Show (not on purpose – it was on after The Office) and Jennifer Love Hewitt was on it.  Her dating choices are questionable, but I really do love J-Love.  She’s rather presh.  Anyway, she started discussing her book, I think it’s called “The Day I Killed Cupid,” and apparently there is a chapter where she admits how she got over a break-up with a little thing called vajazzling.

Now I have never heard of this… and it sounds awkward and weird and there are essentially no links on the internets about it, but it’s where you “bedazzle your vagina.”  Hers apparently was bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.  This new beauty experiment made her resilient and happy after her break up.

After extensive research, which I would not try at home (Googling “bedazzling your vagina”/”crystalize your va-jay-jay” brings up some interesting images), I found this site which describes the Bedazzled Bikini Wax at Completely Bare Salon in NYC.   For a Valentine’s Day special you can get yourself groomed (groomed = hair ripped out.  all of it.), sprayed with 24K gold and bedazzled.  If that act doesn’t say I love you, I don’t know what does.

It was too odd not to write about.  Would you vajazzle yourself?

UPDATE:  I looked up “brazilian wax with crystals” and apparently Completely Bare has been doing this since 2001 and is considered the first spa to start doing this procedure.  They offer a service called “Completely Bare with Flair” where you pick your choice of a butterfly, heart, lips, stars, or a personalized design for your special area after getting a brazilian wax.

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