Today was a great day!  I got word that I booked the LG spot!  I start shooting on Friday.  I don’t think it’s a commercial, more for promotional purposes, but still it’s great for my resume!  I also had an audition this morning so hopefully that works out too.

I drove to Studio City to meet with an ASU Theta, Jenna.  She is so awesome!  It was refreshing to meet someone hear (typo) here who has the same mindset as me (besides Miss Zatta of course)!  She’s really down-to-earth and fun and we spent the whole afternoon together.

We started off at Aroma Cafe so we could eat.  About 15 minutes after taking our seats, I couldn’t believe it but ASHLEY TISDALE was walking by and waiting in line to get in!  I stopped and looked and Jenna mouthed “Who is it?” and when I told her we giggled with glee.  Turns out we’re both huge Zac Efron and High School Musical Fans.  Here are photos of what she looked like today!  Love me some Tiz.  It should be noted that a few hours after we saw her she was spotted with Vanessa Hudgens getting their nails done!

About 10 minutes after that, Chad Michael Murray walked by!  It was complete insanity.  I don’t know if he went into the restaurant but he was wearing a hat and flannel shirt.  He didn’t appear to be with anyone.

Tomorrow I’m working “The Forgotten” and Thursday I’m taking it easy since I have to be up and on set at 6:00 am on Friday.  Nuts!  I’m very thankful for all of the blessings I’ve been receiving lately.  Some are small but in the end I know they are helping me with my journey!

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