Back to reality?

Well, I’m back to life here in LA.  After having a major meltdown on Tuesday, I decided to stop worrying and start doing.  In case you guys don’t know, I quit my job before I left for Texas so right now I’m living off of the grace of God.  It’s kind of nice not working, but I get bored easily, so I’m trying to find things to occupy my time.  

Yesterday, I was supposed to meet with an agency in Texas, only to have the appointment cancelled (argh).  It clearly wasn’t a right fit, so I wasn’t too upset about it.  The great thing about getting up early and preparing was that I got to watch a sermon on TV with my mom and aunt.  The guy was talking about how everyone has tests to pass before they’re promoted.  In the bible, people had to pass certain tests before they moved on; in high school, you have to take your SATs before you can go to college; in college, you have to pass all of your classes to get your degree.  The preacher said, “When planes go into the sky, they’re not just let up there!  They have to get the go-ahead from air traffic control.”  This struck a chord with me because on Tuesday I was talking about how badly I want certain things in my life but also how easy it would be to move to Dallas and be with all of my friends, close to my family and a drive away from my boyfriend.  But all things worth having are worth waiting for and I firmly believe God is shaping me right now to be prepared for things to come.  He’s not going to throw me under a bus.  He’s going to make sure I’m ready for everything when it happens. 
This was a breath of fresh air that I desperately needed!  I hope everyone can stop and enjoy the waiting, the lull, the silence… whatever is going on, may you be able to be calm and at peace.  Something great is waiting around the corner!
I should have known I shouldn’t have been too antsy about things.  Sunday I have an audition.  Even if I don’t get the role, the experience will be great.  Next week I’m working the show “The Forgotten” so that should be fun.  And I have a phone interview coming up on Monday.  This all happened just this morning.  Whenever I freak out, I know I shouldn’t be too worried.  

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