What do Jodie Sweetin and Russell Brand have in common?

No, not that they both (used to) do drugs – I saw them both today! Joy!

Today I was minding my own business while working out when I took off my earbuds and heard a very, very strong english accent. It was so much that I couldn’t help but look. Turns out I was doing squats next to Russell Brand! He is tall, lanky and pale, just as you would imagine. He was wearing short(er) shorts, tube socks and his hair in a bun. It was unmistakably him, or his twin. But I’m positive ’twas Russell!
After my work out I got ready and headed to work. Upon my arrival, I was talking to my boss when she stopped me and said, “Don’t look now, but Stephanie from ‘Full House’ is here.” “Jodie Sweetin?!” “Yes.”
She was getting her hair done for her new book launch tonight. Everywhere you look…

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