K-Kinda busy

So if you look at the below post, you can tell I was a tad melancholy with life. My friends and family (and employers) know I have to be constantly and consistently busy or else I get bored and look for something more exciting. I’m not talking sitting at a desk busy, I mean running around like I lost my own head, chaotically busy. This past Friday a friend, Dennis, asked if I could help him with some work that needed to be done of at AEG Digital Media.

Of course I said yes! I love the AEG offices because they’re right smack-dab in the middle of LA Live! where Staples, Club Nokia, Nokia Theater, ESPN Zone and the Grammy Museum are.
Today I was labeling a bunch of different panels. I know it doesn’t sound thrilling but I actually enjoyed learning what kind of “outlet” (I don’t know the technical term is) is which and I’m really into organization so having to make spreadsheets was right up my alley. However I felt it was more work than play – and I was getting paid for it, score! – because we visited some friends for lunch, aka “networking opportunities,” over at Sony Pictures Television before returning to work for some more playtime. Dennis took me to the Grammy Museum!!! I was so excited I wanted to cry. It was amazing and they had a special exhibit for Michael Jackson with his clothes, his gloves and even a cool light up floor a la the “Billie Jean” video. We didn’t get nearly enough time there… so I plan on taking Stewart next week! They have sound booths set up where you can learn how to remix your own music which is something I have been dying to study and learn how to do. Sorry to everyone I know, I’ll probably be asking for DJ equipment as a gift sometime in the future. 😉
After almost going cross-eyed with all the wires and panels, Dennis said it was Happy Hour! Wahoo! This was my first happy hour in LA and it was extremely reminiscent of my TCU days because some strong margs were involved. We invited along Eric who works at the Grammy Museum and I really had a great time. Dennis let me know that if I ever wanted to see a show at Club Nokia to let him know and that he could try to find tix for the AMA rehearsals this Friday or Saturday. Fingers crossed! I would love to attend an award show soon and I have always envisioned myself attending THE GRAMMYS! Even before I met Dennis and Eric I saw myself going to the show and seeing the spectacle I have seen so many years via the TV. I’m still pretty confident I’ll get there, so even if the AMA’s don’t work out hopefully I’ll get to write about my experience with the Grammys.
It was a great day, great night and I’m so thankful that God provides for me. I never have to worry with him! You don’t either.

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