This is it. Really.

Alright, so I saw “This Is It” on Monday and I enjoyed it! It was obvious Michael wasn’t putting 100% into some of it because, well, it was a rehearsal, but I thought it was awesome seeing his creative vision being put into life and what fabulous things himself and Kenny Ortega conjured up for the concert.

However, the whole time I couldn’t help but think about the dancers. They’re pretty prominment throughout the concert and you can tell how excited each of them are to be dancing with Michael Jackson. But what now? Everyone who dances knows that the King of Pop was the King of Dance – if you got to dance with MJ, you had reached the mecca, the end all, the top of the tier.
So now that he has passed, who do dancers aspire to dance with or for? I mean, I would immediately say Britney Spears, however I’d hardly call gyrating your crotch and lip-synching phenomenal; Madonna isn’t an icon known for her intense dancing skills either. Sure, Brit & Madge are both big names, but what celebrity is known for dancing?! Maybe if we rewound to before the “Gimme More” phase I’d name Britney the successor to the dancing throne but I’m afraid she may be on one too many sedatives for that now.
Unfortunately, in my opinion, it seems as if the best dancer of all time has passed and there is no one who can top him. So my question is, if you dance for a living, who are you aspiring to dance with now?

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