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What up.

I’m a firm believer in NOT referring to myself in third person because I think it sounds egotistical and frankly idiotic. However, the title of this little segment of my blog looks and sounds rather cute so we’ll ignore my beliefs this one time:
– So after getting a full Melrose synopsis from my mom last night, I figured I wasn’t featured in last night’s episode and I was right. I thought I’d be on next week, however they’re skipping next Tuesday so the new episode will be Tuesday, November 3rd. Who knows if you’ll see me. All I know if I should be featured in an episode called “Ocean” as well as episodes 7 – 10. However, in related news, the CW has only ordered five more episodes of MP so let’s pray to God they don’t decide in a crazy turn of events to cancel the show before Heather Locklear makes her appearance – if anything I know the episodes I was in will be shown considering Heather wasn’t in any of them.
– John Mayer has a new single, PRAISE BABY JESUS! I absolutely looooove “Heartbreak Warfare” because it’s a typical John song; a great melody and lyrics that are real and relatable. I really can’t wait for the CD to come out because he has a rumored duet with Taylor Swift on my most anticipated track “Half of my Heart.”
– So I totally submitted myself for this movie coming up. The casting directors are taking picture submissions so I sent in a few of my headshots and regular photos in hopes of being “cast” as background help. Since it’s a feature film the pay would be great and it would be a seriously HUGE opportunity for me to have on my resume. Basically if you’re ever praying to baby Jesus just ask him to help your favorite blogger Kirbie out if he thinks that is the direction my life should go.
– I’m getting all of my Halloween festivities out of the way this week: pumpkin picking and carving tomorrow, tomorrow night I’ll be going to a haunted hayride and Friday I’m enjoying “employee appreciation” with the girls at the studio at dinner and a haunted house. hould be a blast!
More updates soon. Hopefully something interesting comes up!

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