More October shenanigans

October brings back so many memories. For instance, the October of my sophomore year was especially fantastic. I started dating a new guy who literally put on a huge production for our first date. It was awesome. It was homecoming month, Halloween month (I painted my nails about every two days in the colors of black and glow-in-the-dark), initiation month… everything was happening. Not to mention I had the BEST ROOMMATE EVER, Laura. Seriously, this is how we decided to be roommates.

Via facebook:
“Dude. Did you see who all is living in the Thouse next year?”
“Yeah. Want to live together?”
Little did Lo and I both know that it would probably be the best decision ever. We didn’t know each other too well, I mean all I really knew was that she was from California and probably came from Babeland and when she brought a Napoleon Dynamite shirt to chapter meeting for our President I knew that we had to be best friends.
So, enter sophomore year. We lofted both of our beds and would lay around and watch “The Simple Life” together in bed. We’d also blast Third Eye Blind and Michael Buble, not to mention would share each others deepest and darkest secrets. Whenever she wasn’t crazy busy studying to be a nurse, we’d do outrageous things together. Truly she was such a light in my life when I needed her the most.
Well, it was Halloweekend at good ole TCU which basically meant most people ran around with no pants on. It was also Homecoming so Frog Follies took up a lot of my time (me and my friend Knox were the co-coordinators for that fiasco) and we were constantly caught up in how we could get this one guy in our dance routine to NOT HAVE A HARD ON. During one part of our performance we had the guys go out on stage and dance to the song “Call on Me.” Maybe this turns men on, I’m really not sure, however it was seriously offensive and literally after being judged at one of our rehearsals a judge came up to us with a piece of paper with one note that said “Green shorts – please control.”
Luckily we got him to put on some jean shorts and tone it down. After Frog Follies ended and we won “Most Spirited” (hahhaaha) it was time for Halloween festivities to begin. I can’t even remember what Laura was that year – I think a cat? Whatever, I was Daisy Duke. And that night after attending an alumni Pi Kappa Phi party I got home to our room to see Laura standing in front of the mirror and about six cans of silly string all over the place. I’m talking stuck to the ceiling, all over my bed, the mirror over our sink. It was everywhere! I look at Laura accusingly and she just stops, looks at me (clearly intoxicated) and goes, “I swear I didn’t do it!”
“Seriously, I just came home and this was everywhere!”
That’s when we doubled over with laughter. We left it there until the next day to clean up (big mistake).
I could have been so easy for anyone to do it. We always left our door unlocked which we definitely needed to reconsider because people were coming in and using my printer to print their research papers and using up all my ink.
We interrogated everyone on our floor and nobody confessed. I later found out by default it was biggers, Elise, and her crazy roommate Katelin, both who lived next door (yes, the Katelin I had freaked out the year after with the “stalker” texts).
Needless to say when we moved out of that room there was still silly string stuck to the ceiling.

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