Erin Stinkles Enke

She’s going to kill me, but this is my BEAUTIFUL bestie Erin. I think everyone has different categories of friends: newfound besties, life long friends and best friends you wish you knew longer. Stinkles and I met in elementary school but didn’t become best friends until our junior year of high school.
Let’s just say some fun was had. We were always up for something crazy and needless to say my mom loves her so much that we’d all just stand around the island in the kitchen and share gossip. Not to mention she has seen some very incriminating photos of myself that we both took together when we were bored as heck in the town of George 🙂 Harmless, yet hilarious. She is officially a “Johnson” along with my other bff, Jennifer.
So I am posting about her why, you ask? Well, she’s getting MARRIED!!!! I can’t believe it. Well, I can, but seriously? When did we get old enough to be able to get married? This is as truly terrifying thought. I have already gotten through college, something I felt was so far away at one point in my life; now I’m living on my own in a different state and gosh darnit people are getting married! The first of my friends to get married is one of my best.
I couldn’t be more happy for her and her fiance, Wilson and am so looking forward to the next few months. This engagement isn’t exactly new – she got engaged a few months ago in Central Park – but I just had to gush about it because I visited her engagement photos site and just about died.
Anyway, this is a mushy post but I love you Stinkles! And I’m so happy for you. I wish I was in Texas so I could be closer and more accessible but dangit I’ll be the best MOH you’ll ever see.

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3 thoughts on “Erin Stinkles Enke

  1. Oh little Stinkles! I can't stand it! You girls are going to cause me to have pre-mature gray and have wrinkles and stuff! 😉 You KNOW I am NOT old enough for Erin to be getting married! Lol! What is a Mom to do but shed a tear or two for the little loveys in my life.

  2. Kirbie,OMG!!! Where did you get that pic of Erin??? She's not suppose to look that Hot! She's my baby girl. LOL. Weren't her engagement pics wonderful? She and Wilson look so happy, and they're so cute together. Can't wait until you get back to TX and we can all get together.Love your blog.Love,Momma Cindy

  3. Oh Skirbles you are the best ever! I am honored to have you as my maid of honor!! I miss you so much and wish that you were here!! Thanks for being such a great friend! I love you!!!!

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