The VMAs in my personal opinion

First off, congrats to MTV for putting on a proper tribute to Michael Jackson. Having Madonna speak candidly about him put things in perspective; the professional dancers definitely served his dancing justice and having Janet dance with him via the big screen was truly a memory in the making.

Next, Russell Brand. Last year I didn’t think he was that funny. This year he had me laughing out loud. That comment about the Jonas Brothers? “They had to (forgive me), they’re Christians.” bah ha ha ha ha.
For my thoughts on Taylor Swift and douche bag, see below’s post.
Green Day was a solid choice, however I’m always asking myself why they pick really crappy “alternative” videos for that category? The best Fall Out Boy video would have been “America’s Suitehearts” and I think it might have won if nominated. Although I do understand Green Day’s legacy.
T.Swift: LOVED the performance. Totally what I wanted to see. It had the whimsical aspect (that one could possibly walk down that subway and see her there) and the “larger than life” tones – imagine being one of her fans sitting next to her in the subway car. I think she performed really well considering her previous circumstances.
Lady Gaga: Now, I know my mom thinks she is nuts and slightly gothic and morbid; however, I really found her performance riveting. She can sing like nobody’s business… that’s one of the strongest female vocal performances I’ve ever heard – I mean, we’re used to hearing, er, not hearing, Britney lip-synch (and last year Christina even lip synched!). She looked good and she created a story with the performance which fit perfectly with the theme of the song. And she played an actual instrument which was awesome, not to mention she started BLEEDING. Bleeding for the music, people. It’s all relevant. She bleeds for the music, she bleeds because of what society and media has created out of the art of music and fame. It’s symbolic, get over it. Maybe I am just sick in the head or slightly morbid but I can’t stop watching her perform it. She’s so interesting.
Katy Perry’s face when Russell speaks about Megan Fox is absolutely priceless. “Shut the hell up already.”
How the hell did Britney Spears win for Womanizer?!!!!! Beyonce and Gaga most definitely should have been the top contenders.
Wow, Seth Cohen is back! Woo hoo! Megan Fox, you’re a lucky hoe and frankly I could probably do your job better than you. Just let me lose 20 pounds.
I’m seriously thinking that people pay off MTV to win awards. Like last year when Britney won Best Video of the Year for “Piece of Me.” I’m quite certain there were better videos. Not to mention how did she win this year?! HOW? Gaga hold so many different records in her ONE YEAR of being relevant to the music scene… it’s amazing to think Britney surpassed her.
Random thought: I don’t know if I can go to the Lady Gaga concert this year because she is co-headlining with d-bag. I mean it would be like if Beyonce was co-headlining with Chris Brown.
Okay, Green Day is awesome. I love how it’s a huge mosh pit on stage right now.
I should probably at least see the first Twilight movie so I can understand the hype. Ok, now having seen the new trailer I am kind of interested in seeing the first one.
Ne-yo, what a babe.
Beyonce!!! I love this song, “Sweet Dreams” and I’m LOVING the twist. Her body is banging!!!
I have no words. She might as well be a saint. I would totally be a follower of a Beyonce religion if there was one. I am more determined to learn the whole “Single Ladies” dance now! Meoooooooow!
The fact that fans started cheering “Taylor” at the mention of Kanye West is amazing.
I can’t help but laugh thinking about how TI couldn’t give an acceptance speech. Prison: 1, MTV: 0
Muse is playing. I like them and all, but I’m wondering how they are relevant to the awards right now.
Alright. Finally Gaga wins an award! She’s crazy but I LOVE it.
And of course, Saint Beyonce saves the day by letting Taylor have her moment. That’s moral fiber, people.

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